December Release – What’s New?

Posted on 18th December 2015 in The Forecast

Written by Rob Guard

Here’s the latest news from our development team - 5minute read

Update: December 2015 Release

 Release overview

  • Financial Year to Date and Financial Year Total columns
  • New flexibility added to the variance indicator
  • You can now control your Chart of Accounts
  • We’ve continued to improve the user experience and speed of scenarios
  • Full account root now available in our Formula Builder
  • Forecasts & transactional figures made even clearer
  • Clearer user management
  • Updated manual Organisation import


Year To Date and Financial Year Total columns

We’ve introduced Financial Year Total and Financial Year to Date columns for Scenarios and Cards. These columns always appear on Scenarios, and you’ll find them in the column formulas on the back of Report and Comparison cards. Financial Year Totals appear at the end of each financial year end for an organisation, and Year To Date will appear at the end of your report, totalling from the last Year Total column to the end of your reporting period.

Here you can see them in action on a report card:

YTD on Report Cards

And again on a comparison card:

YTD on Comparison Card

Variance indicator updates

You can now alter the variance indicator from positive to negative (and vice versa), even more flexibility. You’ll find this when creating formulas in our formula builder, so you can now show a lower cost of sales as a positive result!

Here’s the option on the bottom of a formula:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 09.13.23

And in action on our report – finally the negative 1.5% is a good thing:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 09.16.08

Manage your chart of accounts

Thanks for all of the positive feedback about the ability to import organisations from various accounting packages. Now, you can create ‘manual’ organisations as well as syncing with cloud accounting software solutions. We are continuing to improve the usability of this feature and today we released a new way to manage these organisations. Now you can easily add and remove accounts, update opening balances and archive old accounts.

Manage Chart of Accounts

Scenarios on speed

Not much to report here, other than that the work around speed and usability continues in force.​ We’ve improved scenarios speed by around 50% with support for over 500 forecasts!

Full account root now available in the Formula Builder

We’ve made it a lot clearer in the Formula Builder about which account(s) belong to which category – no more confusion! Just mouse over any account name to see the full root…

Hover over full root

Forecasts & Transactional Figures

You’ll now notice that forecasts always show transactional amounts, even against cumulative Balance Sheet accounts. We hope this makes it clearer to read in the ‘Workings Tab’ area of our Forecasting Engine. This tab powers your P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Views. Of course, the best part is viewing the Forecast using our Boards.

Clearer User Management

We’ve given user management an overhaul. You’ll now only see the enabled organisations listed, making the visibility of what a user can access much clearer.

 New User Management

Updated manual Organisation data import

We’ve continued to respond to the great feedback we’ve been receiving on our manual Organisations and have released more improvements, this time focused on the data import. We’ve made some small changes to the template, so if you’re uploading data ensure you download the latest template!

Merry Christmas from the FUTRLI Team!

Our lovely Julie provided us with a fantastic image for this post – hopefully you’ve all got your christmas jumpers on too while you’re busy crunching!