FUTRLI Expands its Platform to Everyone

Posted on 5th October 2015 in The Forecast

Written by Amy Harris

FUTRLI has expanded it’s forecasting and reporting engine to all - 3minute read

For many of you, this has been too long coming. We’ve felt your pain and listened to your feedback. For us, it was really important to deliver a very simple user experience with unrivalled flexibility so that you could actually use it. Long-term. For every client. It had to be easy on the surface but when you need to deep dive, we knew it had to get you there. So, we went inch-wide (just one integration partner, Xero) but mile deep so we had you covered for all your forecasting & reporting needs in one place. And now, we’re opening that up for everyone.

Clients using MYOB or Sage?

No problem, you can now prepare reports and cashflow forecasts in FUTRLI for any client. The only difference is that if they are connected to online accounting software, the reports auto update with no effort from you.

How it works?

  1. Create a manual organisationFUTRLI add an organisation
  2. Download an import template and get your opening balances and trial balance data in thereDownload and import template
  3. Build a Board (report) or Scenario(s) (Cashflow Forecast)

FUTRLI build a board

Each month, add the new trial balance data to your file, upload, and your Reports (Boards) or Forecasts (Scenarios) will automatically update.

Successful businesses don’t succeed just because they have a great service or product. They thrive because they’re always ready for what’s coming. FUTRLI is a tool for any business that wants to future-proof their growth.