Have You Tried Our Ready-to-Go Management Reports or Printable PDFs?

Posted on 5th October 2015 in Reporting

Written by Amy Harris

Whether you want to create a complex report for a client going for funding or if you want to offer all your client’s a different view of their business, read how FUTRLI can help. - 4minute read

FUTRLI is a platform to facilitate having a conversation with your clients, effortlessly. We have hundreds of templates that are ready to go, straight out of the box for all your management reporting needs. You can customise them as and when you need to.

The unexpected client meeting

Imagine your client is due to ‘pop in’ in 30 minutes. What’s happening in their business? When was the last time you caught up on their business plan or objectives for the next quarter? Are their accounts up-to-date? With FUTRLI that information is ready to go, all the time. From the moment you’ve set it up, FUTRLI works automatically. We sync with accounting software such as Xero, and very soon QuickBooks Online, daily or in real-time. We’ll pull new data in and update your Board with the latest figures. If it’s not up-to-date, don’t panic, you can still spot trends and it is more of an incentive to fix the backend to make sure you have relevant information for informed decision making.

Improving your client experience

What about your other clients? How often are you engaging with them? Talking to them about their business and what’s coming up? Clients don’t just want a history lesson. FUTRLI was designed by business owners, for businesses and their accountant and bookkeeper. We’ve come at it from a client-centric perspective. It turned out that our frustrations were the same as our accountant’s. Looking backwards isn’t inspiring. Making fact-based decisions from the past, present and with a vision of the future, really adds value to the business. That’s what we’re all about.

The backbone of their business, wherever they are

Every client has a different need and our platform can help if they are online or offline. You can share Boards in a read-only state so the client can only view the data or you can print a PDF for their next meeting with you. The choice is yours, we have lots of flexible permission rights so you can make sure your customers are completely satisfied.

We have hundreds of templates which you can use across all your clients and you can even customise them by industry. We’ve designed it as a launchpad so you can get started easily and drill down and change things in the future if/when it’s required.