Intrapreneurs are Key to Your Business Growth

Posted on 25th April 2017 in Business

Written by James Marren

We can’t all be Luke Skywalker, and in any case, it would be pretty cool being Hans! There’s not enough room in the world for everyone to be the main protagonist, and a great film, or business, is nothing without its supporting cast. Invest your time in finding and nurturing those who warrant a spin-off movie of their own and your business will reap the rewards.

With the number of films or Netflix episodes being made about entrepreneurs who made it big (The Social Network, Jobs, Girlboss etc.), and then famous YouTubers creating content motivating people to believe that they can be next; it’s no wonder that people’s attention and aspirations are tuned into founding their own business. Whilst this desire is growing in people, your employees included, not everyone can be a number one or handle that level of risk. So don’t worry, you won’t lose your entire workforce. Many won’t swap the stability that regular income and job security affords, but how do you marry this with your entrepreneurial tendencies? Is there a middle ground?

Well, the short answer is yes, and it’s called ‘intrapreneurship’ and there’s a lot of them working with us (not just “for us”) at FUTRLI. Intrapreneurship is the art of improving a company from the inside, outwards. It offers an ideal compromise for those who want to use their entrepreneurial skills while retaining a more stable career path. As a business owner, these are the type of employees you need.

Here’s a list of reasons why and how you can identify intrapreneurs in your company…

1. They increase productivity

Intrapreneurs are willing to take risks to find more effective ways to accomplish tasks. They have good instincts and won’t mindlessly carry on doing something a certain way when it doesn’t feel like the most efficient use of their time. In its most basic sense, an intrapreneur is a skilled problem solver, that’s willing to test and seek out different options until they find the most appropriate solution. This means you don’t have to hand hold staff, saving you valuable time and at its most fundamental level, helping your company’s bottom line.

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2. They are innovative

Their problem-solving skills extend beyond that of increasing efficiency and your intrapreneur will look to offer solutions to unique market-driven problems. They are ‘greenhouses’ and when you speak to them about an idea, you’ll find that they will hold onto it and let the idea germinate in their mind. They will continue to grow the seed of an idea until they find a workable and actionable plan.

3. They understand trends

Another supporting cast member who’s insight is invaluable. Clever he is.

A good intrapreneur understands trends, particularly in the areas they specialise in and are invaluable in helping you shape the future direction of your business. As active members developing the company, they are constantly on the lookout for the next thing that will give your business a competitive edge (FUTRLI, ahem). It’s key to embrace future trends before your competitors do and having a number of intrapreneurs in your organisation to assist you can be a huge advantage.

4. They want to grow with the company

Unlike most employees who are simply with a company to collect a paycheck, intrapreneurs should be viewed more as a part of the business. Intrapreneurs seek to grow with the company and as such can be seen more like investors than just employees. As well as their time, they are also investing their skills and more specifically, the potential development of those skills. It’s a symbiotic relationship, with both the intrapreneur and company helping each other, which in turn drives your business forward.

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5. They help recruitment

As well as bringing their personal and skill based growth to the company, they are actually in the best position to help you recruit and onboard other intrapreneurs. Your company’s growth depends, first, on your ability to recognise promising intrapreneurs and then secondly, as they are promoted, on their ability to recognise and help develop good intrapreneurs below them. As a result, a cycle is developed where your most talented innovators teach and foster the growth of others with potential, which drives innovation and keeps your business at the forefront of the market.

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