July 2016 Release – What’s New?

Posted on 13th July 2016 in The Forecast

Written by Rob Guard

We’re working hard every month to deliver the improvements you are requesting. Here’s the latest from our development team… - 5minute read

Release overview

  • Live Boards have landed
  • Update all Cards on a Board to a new organisation with 1 click
  • Simpler Organisation settings

Collaboration is easier than ever

Live Boards have arrived

We know our customers love to share and collaborate when working with their Boards in FUTRLI – so we’ve just made it easier than ever to share the latest version of your Board with Live Boards!

You can now give access to your colleagues, your clients, even your bank manager, directly to any Board in your account. They’ll receive a notification to let them know you’ve given them access to your live Board – and they’ll be able to stay up to date with your latest edits to it.

If you use this option, there will be no issues with managing different versions of your Boards.

How can I live share my Board?

You’ll find a new option, ‘Share this Board’ in the Board sharing menu:


FUTRLI Live Board Sharing Menu

Clicking on ‘Share this Board’ opens the Board sharing modal. This is where you manage the list of users who currently have access to view your Board. It’s simple to find and lets you add and remove any users in your account to any Board:

FUTRLI Live Board Sharing

When you give access to another user we’ll send them a notification letting them know they’ve been given access, and they’ll find the new Board in their Board menu.

FUTRLI Live Board Sharing Board Menu

Users will see any updates you’ve made to the Board and you can let them know when you’ve made a change using our new ‘Notify Users’ button. Simply hit the ‘Notify Users’ button to send a notification to everyone with access letting them know you’ve made updates!

FUTRLI Live Board Sharing NotificationsWhy can’t I see the sharing option yet?

We’re going to be rolling access to this feature out to all users over the next few days, so you might not have access today, but you will soon.

(*Note – only the Owner of the Board, i.e. the one who has shared it, can make edits. We have further iterations of this which will allow multiple editors soon!)

Update a whole Board, with one click

Want to share the same Boards with 100 people….now you can in minutes!

When you sign up to FUTRLI we give you an excellent set of Starter Boards, and we know our customers love to copy Template Boards between clients. This was a quick process as you have always been able to copy these Boards but it was quite time-consuming if you had a lot of Cards on that Board (and lot’s of Organisations to share it with). Not anymore! You can now update a whole Board to another Organisation in (almost) one click.

Click the three little dots in the top right of your Board and then the Bulk Edit Organisation button:


FUTRLI Bulk Organisations Update


After doing so, simply search for an organisation and press the Update button – all your Cards will magically be updated to the selected company.


FUTRLI Bulk Organisations Modal


(*Note – if there any formulas that reference accounts in the new Organisation’s chart of accounts that are not identical (e.g. Direct wages is called, Staff wages in the new org), you’ll need to update the formula for the new account)

Simpler Organisation Settings

A cleaner and more intuitive interface

As we continue to prepare for some major updates coming next month, we’ve been striving to keep the most important information visible to our users and easy to find. We’ve made a few small changes to the Organisation Settings page to ensure you can quickly find and navigate to what you’re looking for.


FUTRLI Organisation Settings

Thank you!

We always love to hear your feedback, so let us know how you get on with our newest features.

We’ve got a BUMPER update planned for you in August – so keep your eyes peeled!

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