June 2016 Release – What’s New?

Posted on 2nd June 2016 in The Forecast

Written by Hannah Dawson

We’re working hard every month to deliver the improvements you are requesting. Here is the latest for our development team… - 5minute read

Release overview

  • More flexibility for Actual/Forecast within Forecasts & Reports
  • Re-order and move Chart of Accounts
  • Copying Forecasts inside Scenarios
  • Formula makeover
  • Scenarios – Bigger, better and faster again
  • Forecasting for Retained Earnings
  • Improved organisation management

More flexibility for Actual/Forecast data working in harmony

In your 3-way Forecasts & Scenarios

We’ve made our forecasting more flexible than ever – everywhere you see forecast data you can now pick how much actual data you want to include.

This means when you use Scenarios in Reports you can pick how much of your actual data will be included…


In Comparison Cards

These are now even more powerful and allow you to compare two scenarios ie (Best v Worst) side-by-side with your Actuals included. Now you can review the impact of making a last minute change of direction effortlessly.

You’ll find the setting on the back of report and Comparison Cards…

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 17.18.59

Re-order and move Accounts? Oh yes you can!

Sometimes how you want your Reports organised isn’t how your financial data is organised. Our latest update to the Chart of Accounts management allows you to to reorder Accounts within categories and move Accounts between categories to make reporting even clearer. This is the first step in something much bigger to follow later this summer, stay tuned…!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 16.59.53


Copy your Forecasts in Scenarios – bingo!

If you’ve spent ages perfecting a forecast you’ll know it’s a pain you have to re-do it all over again for the next Account line. Not anymore! We’ve introduced the ability to copy Forecasts inside scenarios. Not only can quickly make copies of a Forecast, you can easily copy them across Accounts and across categories using advanced copy…

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 17.22.06

Formula builder make-over!

This one is a goodie. Remember when you’d select a Formula and we’ll show you the expanded version detailing everything that made up that formula. This is what we’ve now streamlined to make creating complex formulas really simple. When you add a Formula within the builder now, you’ll now see it represented by it’s name only. This makes it easier to reuse multiple formulas – you can easily expand the formulas to edit them if you need to of course. But the look, feel and usability is cleaner.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 17.45.46


Scenarios – Bigger, better and faster again

We’re always working on improving our Forecasting engine, it is the heart of what we do. The latest round of updates improve the responsiveness of larger scenarios. Our customers with particularly large scenarios will notice the whole page feels a lot faster. This work continues and we’ve got several more updates scheduled for future releases.

Forecasting for Retained Earnings

It’s now possible to create Forecasts against Retained Earnings Accounts, just like all the other equity accounts. For example, this means you can now forecast a dividend payment being financed by Retained Earnings.

And last but not least…!

As we grow so are you and that means the Organisations page needed to be tidied up so that those with 50 + organisations have a more streamlined management area. It was also confusing because we were not easily identify the type of Organisation – Cloud or Desktop for example. Now, these are easy to locate with a simple tab structure.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 17.53.20

Thank you

We always want feedback so let us know how you get on with our newest features. We’ll have another update for you in July.