Introducing the All-New FUTRLI

Posted on 15th November 2015 in The Forecast

Written by Amy Harris

FUTRLI has had a makeover but this release is about far more than cosmetic changes. Our latest enhancements are focused on giving you even more simplicity & speed. For example, today, you don’t need to start from scratch with scenarios, instead you can see what 2016 looks like in seconds with our powerful updates and import features. Our ready to go industry example Reports allow you to deep dive into specific industry KPIs, instantly. - 10minute read

Update: November 2015 Release

 Release overview

  • Start scenarios in 6 new ways
  • Updates to your Organisation settings user experience and admin management
  • Visualise your year-end position
  • New design and user experience enhancements
  • New marketing website


Start a new scenario…in 6 ways!

As well as building from scratch, you can now…

Create from existing budgets/forecasts

This lets you quickly and easily bring in budgets and forecasts you’ve already created from any source via CSV. Once imported, you copy it or make changes, just like any other budget/forecast in FUTRLI.

There are two options to create from last year’s actuals (quick create & advanced)

In our last release we introduced the option to build Scenarios in seconds based upon Last Year’s Actuals. In this release we’ve gone one step further and allowed you to apply amount or growth % increases. Want to speculate a 2% increase on last year’s sales and a 10% cut in costs? Now you can with ease!

Create from a copy (quick copy & advanced)

You can now create copies of the Scenarios you create in FUTRLI, allowing you to easily explore what-if scenarios and variances. Use the Quick Copy button on the scenarios page, or in the top right of your scenario or use the Advanced Copy option to change the Start Date or Scenario length.

Visualise your year-end position

Responding to your feedback, we’ve added Year-end totals to the Scenario Builder. These combine actual data from completed periods with forecast to make it even easier to see the long-term impacts of your projections. (These are on the way for Cards as well as YTD columns too)

New design and user experience enhancements

Hopefully these updates speak for themselves. We want to give you total confidence in the figures and the visual learning that FUTRLI provides – communicating numerically and by design – is critically important to achieving that through substance and simplicity.

New marketing website

If you’ve landed on this blog for the first time, take the new site for a spin and let us know your feedback.