Our December Release is Not Only Pretty Cool, it’s Made These Two Very Happy…!

Posted on 6th December 2016 in The Forecast

Written by Amy Harris

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It feels like only a week ago we were spoiling you with gifts of the Forecasting variety, in fact, we were(!) but this December release couldn’t wait. Our intention, after lots of mulled wine, is to absolutely blow your new Christmas socks off in 2017. For now, check out the highlights for December. We’ve stayed true to the season and focused on collaboration and style. Well done team. - 5minute read

Introducing a very happy Mr & Mrs Snowman

At this time of year these two run a very successful business. We are delighted to support them with forecasting and reporting over the festive season but we were letting them down in one critical aspect of their business – collaboration on the same Board. They loved our July release (when they visited New Zealand for the cooler weather, of course) but they wanted more than a read only version. In that release they could view the same Board but only Mrs Snowman could make changes. In this one, new permission options allow for complete collaboration. We’ve made it easy to change someones access or to completely remove their access too so, as always, you’ve got power and flexibility for your business needs.


There are more improvements planned for Live Boards in 2017 so please send us all the feedback you have – good or bad, we’re eager to hear it.

Clean design, intuitive Board controls

If you read our Scenarios, Forecasting and Budgeting (V3) release last week you’ll have seen we’ve focused on maintaining a delightful user experience in our Forecasting Engine. Very similar design updates have been rolled out for our Board controls. This updated navigation will make it easier to locate what you need. Find out more about how you can use the Boards interface in our Help Guide.


Intuitive Card resizing & reordering

Cards can now be easily resized or moved by simply dragging the edges to where you want them – a much more intuitive experience. You can click on the Card headers to easily drag and drop a Card into a new position. Find out how.

Better Board search and menu

The upgraded Board search and Board menu makes managing all your Boards simple. Use the search to quickly locate Boards or folders, and use the Board List to easily drag and drop Boards into folders to stay organised.

Background exporting

Just like our PDF exports, CSV exports now also run in the background so you can continue what you’re doing without interruption while we do the hard work. You’ll receive a notification when your file is ready!

Comparison Cards are even more powerful


We know you need full visibility of your performance year on year, versus budget or forecast, and scenario versus scenario. Now, we’ve given you even more control over how you compare data sets. Choose to compare Scenario to Actual, Actual to Scenario or Scenario vs Scenario. Read the guide.

Finally, here’s to more laughs in 2017

In our next update we’ll be adding welcome messages to our loading pages to give you a smile when you log in.

Here’s my Co-Founder Hannah’s attempt…


Pretty good advice isn’t it 🙂

Think you can do better?!

Of course you can! Simply tweet your suggestions to @FUTRLI. We’ll take the best and feature them in our 2017 updates.



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