The Very Best Business Reporting Tools in 2017

Posted on 26th October 2017 in Reporting

Written by Freya Hughes

Every business is unique, so there’s not always a one size fits all rule with reporting software. The market is full of tools to help you report your figures, and it can be hard to pinpoint which are actually worth investigating. With our knowledge of the industry, we’ve put together this list of the best reporting tools of 2017…


FUTRLI product in use

We made the cut because we’re the all-in-one, flexible forecasting and reporting tool. FUTRLI gives you all your data on a clean, user-friendly dashboard in real-time. We know that most companies don’t sleep, so that’s why we designed our platform to monitor activity while you rest. You’re able to create forecasts for up to 10 years into the future, and use this data to make informed decisions, reducing risk and allowing you to move forward confidently. Using financial and non-financial data, you can track the progress of each and every department and individual employee, ensuring everyone’s working towards the same overall goals.

Scenario planning will allow you to work out your best, worst and middle case results for important decisions, such as hiring more staff or expanding to new premises. For business owners, see all of your insights in one place; accountants can monitor all client data with ease. Data is presented with a sleek design, in bar and pie charts, tables and line graphs.

White labelling FUTRLI will see accounting firms’ branding appear on the platform, so brand awareness is increased with no extra effort. It ties all your services and marketing together into the tool, so you can focus upon the things that really matter – clients. Become a CPD FUTRLI Certified Advisor, too, as it’ll help you bridge your knowledge gap from conducting client meetings to rolling out advisory internally.


Domo marketing dashboard

If you need to skip the headache of hunting for the data you need at that moment, then Domo can help. All of your important data will live in one place, so you can visualise opportunities and risks at a glance. Great for making informed decisions regarding the direction and growth of your company, you can also work from any device no matter where you are in the world. You’re steering the financial ship, so use real-time insights into the financial indicators affecting your bottom line.

Because your data is only as valuable as its availability, Domo will deliver operations insights that are always up to date. The speedy platform also empowers your employees to work more efficiently because your team are all focused upon what matters most. You’ll get insights from every corner of your business, letting you know which of your campaigns are working, and when it’s time to rethink.

As they say, you’re never really making money unless you’re making money in your sleep. Their fresh reporting and real-time forecasting means you’ll always know where you stand too. Your forecasts integrate financial data with key metrics from sales, marketing, operations and more. If that’s not quite enough, their alerts will flag up when your financial metrics dip or spike beyond the bespoke levels that you set yourself.


Tableau app in use

Their mission objective is eight simple words: “We help people see and understand their data.” Available as a desktop, server or online tool, Tableau have a flexible platform that suits most working needs. A plethora of organisations across the world, from non-profits to global enterprises, and across all industries and departments, are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen before.

The analytics platform is fully hosted in the cloud, allowing you to publish your dashboards and share your discoveries with colleagues and/or customers. The way it’s built means the tool is accessible from a browser or on the go via mobile app. Say goodbye to managing updates and deploying patches, instead sit back, relax, and enjoy as the latest features roll out.


Gooddata in use

GoodData provides the platform and expertise to transform business data into revenue-generating assets with outward facing analytics. Accelerate your digital transformation by distributing data-driven products to your entire business network – not just internal teams. This scalable platform reduces the risks of technical ownership and seriously accelerates innovation. Businesses are generating more data than ever before, and the value of that data has increased exponentially. So, with this said, GoodData can help you unleash the value contained in the data you already collect every day, turning your under-utilised assets into the revenue you’ve been missing out on.

These guys know that no company is an island and exists as part of a larger business network of customers, partners, and other key stakeholders. The GoodData platform is designed from the ground up to deliver contextually and semantically aware data and analytic products to the members of a given business network. This eliminates the barrier between the valuable insights contained in your data and the people that need those insights most, empowering your entire B2B network and turning your data into a profit centre.

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