Take a Glimpse at the Future of Board Meetings in 2017

Posted on 13th December 2016 in The Forecast

Written by Rob Guard

We’ve been extra busy this festive season. Only a week after delivering Live Boards, our second(!) release in December is designed to change the way you run all your board meetings in 2017. This is genuine transformation… - 5minute read

Say goodbye to boring meetings

Why did we call our Boards, Boards? Well they can be used as Dashboards or Board Reports. They sit at the core of FUTRLI and they’re also at the core of many business operations ensuring everyone knows their current position and future targets. This makes them an important part of the application for us, and they should be for you too. When we set out to build Boards we had a simple idea in mind:

“Bring together all of your past, present and future business data into a single area, where it’s easy to compare and contrast different financial aspects of your business and have a clear view of where it’s going.”

This week we’re launching a brand new feature for Boards with our second release this December. Before we tell you all about it we’re going to explore what the problem was and how you can make Boards more impactful when presenting. If you can’t wait to find out then, fine, skip to the end!

The problem we’ve observed

We’ve spent a lot of time working with and observing our users, and we’ve realised that not all users are getting the best from our Boards. Why not? Charts are a beautiful tool to show your investors or bank manager your longer-term trends – but we all know that investors and bank managers care about the finer details, the numbers, and these became too easily hidden.

So we build out our Board and then this happens…

A very long Board

Look like a familiar sight? I challenge you now – take a look at your Boards and you’ll see the same; several full width and full height Cards (our Reports). Unfortunately, we see these Boards being prepared too frequently. Looks? 5/10. Impact? A solid 1/10. This Board is great for digging into the details but it’s immediately boring for everyone else.

How can we make it better?

Presentation is everything. When you’re presenting to the bank or investors the initial impact could mean everything to your pitch. You wouldn’t start a pitch by bringing up a spreadsheet. You start with the big picture. FUTRLI is a lot more than a spreadsheet and it can be more than the big picture too. So – let’s have another try and maximise our initial impact:

This Board displays more useful information for the user

Fantastic! We’ve utilised the space on our Board and managed to bring more reports into the same space. This tells a better story. We’ve doubled the information and more than doubled the initial impact. And you’ve got no excuses, moving and resizing Cards is easy.

Current Impact: 7/10

We’ve certainly sparked the interest of our bank manager/investors now – they’re on the edge of their seats taking in all the beautiful information displayed about our recent progression, but now they want to see the details.

Hello, Presentation Mode (this is the new fancy release!)

It’s time to dim the lights a little, we’ve caught the interest of the room and now we want to wow them and drill down into the numbers. Presentation Mode is your secret weapon – simply hit the button in the toolbar and launch the full-screen viewer. Scroll through the Board, Card by Card, and display your report in glorious full screen, honing in on the detail where needed:


Impact? 11/10

We’ve now got the whole room focussed – you can even use the left and right keys on your keyboard to scroll through reports so you don’t stumble halfway through your presentation.

All Cards on a Board can also be expanded to full screen so they can be viewed in beautiful detail – simply click the expand icon on any Card:


Get ready for 2017

Now is the time to start making a change. Forget New Year’s Resolutions, log-in to FUTRLI now and revisit our Boards. Think about how you are presenting your financials today and how you can use every secret weapon we’ve built to present a truly 360° view of your future.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Rob Guard
Product Director

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