The 7 Best QuickBooks Apps to Help Run Your Business

Posted on 18th May 2017 in Business

Written by Freya Hughes

We’re proudly integrated with Quickbooks Online. Our aim is to help you know more about your business, at the right time, so you can grow success or avoid failure. To achieve a work-life balance and really scale, you need technology on your side. Here’s our round-up of some of the most popular apps you can connect to QuickBooks to make life easier and more insightful.

1. Expensify

We know business owners are often on the move, so that’s why we love the simplicity of Expensify. There’s a huge need for a quick, simple expense reporting system, so if your car is gradually filling up with receipts from meetings and visits, look no further. Seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, the app is loved by small businesses and accountants, as receipts and mileage is tracked with ease. Its automation means you’ll be guided to the next step you need to take to keep going forwards. Keep a handle on your outgoings with Expensify and see how it can streamline your day-to-day.

2. TSheets

Here’s the app that does it all for employee management; track timesheets, manage your employees’ time and create timesheet reports. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for staff to get on with it, and even remote workers’ time can be used more productively, making employers happy too.

TSheets has also introduced GPS time trackers, making clocking in and out for breaks a total breeze – and it’ll keep everyone on the same page so there’s no worry about who is pulling their weight. If you have no signal or you’re offline, the app will accurately track time and will automatically sync as soon as you’re back in range. Even time zone issues are eradicated as you can pick up where you left off with ease – so even if your board members are off sunning themselves on the beach, you’ll still know what (and where) they’re up to!

3. InvoiceSherpa

Tired of late payments? Get invoices paid on time with a little help from InvoiceSherpa. They connect to QuickBooks automatically to achieve their only goal: get you paid faster. The app will send out branded reminders and pleasantries to your customers before and after their invoices are due, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

It’s no fun chasing customers for money, so let InvoiceSherpa do it for you. It automatically picks up new invoices and contacts from your QuickBooks file every 30 minutes so you’re always working in real-time. It even comes highly recommended by live video producers 3xScreen – read the case study here to find out more.


Yes…we made the cut! OK, we’re very biased but if you haven’t checked out our integration with QuickBooks and you use it then we’re here to convince why that’s a good idea. We start where QuickBooks stops. We run our own business on FUTRLI, it is our live business plan which is driven by solid cashflow forecasting. We have multiple variations of our scenario plans – best case, worst case, what if, etc, and we can consolidate our global business into one view for decision making and company reporting.

5. Cin7

Designed to meet the demands of your business, whether your customers are retail or wholesale, this all-in-one app features POS, B2B, EDI and 3PL. You’re able to manage all of your sales channels, inventory, point of sale and supply chain in one central, cloud-based software. Cin7 will automatically update your QuickBooks account with your latest purchases, sales and inventory values, so seeing landing costs and gross profit reports is made simple.

When it’s stocktake time, your entire stock value is stored in QBO, while sold items and cost of goods are generated per order. Cin7 exports sales orders, purchase orders, credit notes, stock adjustments, COGS and contacts to QuickBooks Online, so save time entering data and eliminate human error. What could be better?

6. Insightly CRM

An all-in-one CRM and project management app, you can make sure you’re on top of your projects at every stage. Insightly gives you quick access to your QuickBook invoices and payments, and you can easily track customers payments against project milestones. The combination of these functionalities ensures Insightly CRM is the only thing you need to maintain a positive relationship with your customers. You’ll find dual data entry a thing of the past, too. Abilities include contact and task management, project management, event scheduling, file sharing, mass email and email templates, and even third party integrations. Once you complete a task, Insightly will be right there with you logging every step until it’s accomplished.

It isn’t just QuickBooks that offer great add-ons to their software. Hubstaff integrated with Insightly for example. This allows you to invoice clients, pay employees or review in-depth reports. Learn more about Hubstaff here.

7. SOS Inventory

For users in need of a more in-depth inventory app than QuickBooks itself, look no further! SOS Inventory boast sales orders, assemblies, serial inventory, multiple locations and more, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing systems. Built to integrate with QuickBooks from its conceptual stage, SOS is designed to save you time and cash by reducing duplicate data entry. Reducing the chance of human error will directly affect your bottom line, positively.

As QuickBooks doesn’t include sales orders, you’re able to quickly link SOS up to it for all of your order management needs. Create sales orders and itemise them as full or partial shipments as needed. Following this, you’ll need to invoice – thankfully they thought of that too as your invoices will synchronise. Integrate your picking, packing, and shipping processes with QuickBooks Online. They really couldn’t have made it any easier.

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