The 7 Best Xero Add Ons for Your Business

Posted on 22nd March 2017 in Business

Written by Freya Hughes

There are over 500 Xero Add Ons to help you run your business. To spare you from losing hours investigating them all, this blog summarises seven favourite Apps that our customers tell us have transformed their business.

Your accounting is powered by the cloud, thanks to Xero, and now you have time to read this blog and claw back even more efficiency gains.

The team at Xero genuinely thrive on knowing they’re helping SMEs with an ecosystem of business apps that gives them as much functionality as large enterprise businesses, for a fraction of the cost. This blog demonstrates the breadth of Xero add ons out there to help you grow your business… 


This is in position number 1 purely because we use Stripe too, and we love the connection to Xero. When you receive an invoice manually, it’s easy to leave it to find its way to the bottom of your ‘to do’ pile. With Stripe, you can securely accept payments, create new revenue streams and even expand globally – they boast merchants in 25 countries using the add on to accept payments in over 130 currencies.

Working seamlessly with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Alipay and Bitcoin, they’re demolishing the barriers to start and operate a business. Stripe are, amongst others, spearheading the move to the Cloud and internet economy and a core part of the new ‘Financial Web’. For time-saving and accuracy, this is ace.

We integrate it with FUTRLI so our Dashboards and insights into customer payments is always displayed against our forecast – who doesn’t want to know how they’re performing against target?


Track timesheets, manage your employees’ time and create timesheet reports with TSheets. Teams love them because of their user-friendly interface, and employers love them because even remote workers’ time can be used more productively.

Barely feel in control of your employees in other countries? No fear, TSheets have introduced GPS time trackers. Though they might sound a little scary, it’s a simple way of clocking in and out, monitoring breaks and overtime logs, which will keep the entire team on the same page.

Different time zones are no longer an issue! Even you’ve got no signal or offline, the app will accurately track time and will automatically sync as soon as you’re back in range.



Deputy is exactly what it says on the proverbial tin. It is, quite literally, your virtual second in command, so you can utilise more of your valuable time to be Sheriff.

It’s a complete staff management toolkit, helping you schedule employees’ time and tasks, log timesheets and performance, and works efficiently as an all-round communication tool. It’s all about saving you time and its integration with Xero means it can make instant logs of staff holiday/absence, overtime calculations, and payroll management. Getting these checked off your ‘to do’ list has never been easier, and all the information being in one place makes for far less paperwork and fewer spreadsheets.


If you’re in need of a cash injection and aren’t sure where to turn, get in touch with Iwoca. Their quick and simple approval system will measure your business performance and have the money in your account in a matter of hours.

Of course, they’ll need to approve you but their flexible and fair business testimonial means there’s usually something for everyone. They pride themselves on moving as fast as any given business, meaning they know when cash is needed: it’s needed now.

Repay as soon as you like and feel free to top up on credit. Their interest policy isn’t there to catch you out either, as you’ll only pay per day you hold the funds.

It’s definitely a plus to not have to think about your bills going out, and it would be even better to not have to think about the cash rolling in, either. Enter!

Program the app to send out invoice/payment reminders to customers, choose your own payment method and even set up recurring invoices and payments to save you from the whole mind-numbing process each period. Have your vendors email you their bills and the whole process can be ‘okayed’ in an instant using the cloud. Select bills from a list to pay them in seconds, eradicating the need for any paperwork. Hello, decluttered office!


Yes, ok we’re biased here but, to be fair, couldn’t run our business without FUTRLI. Every business decision we make, starts here. The connection to Xero means we don’t need to manually update our actuals and we always know how we’re performing against our budget and multiple what-if scenarios.

For us, it is a security blanket and that’s because the past, present and future are fully-integrated all in one place so we can focus on growth and looking forwards. If you’re reading this thinking that forecasting cannot be that pivotal or fun, start a free trial and let us change your opinion.


This free POS app provides almost every retail service you can imagine, all in one place. A focus on growth, Square have integrated key services such as keeping track of sales and inventory in real-time, managing items and employees. And it’s not just for the industry giants – if you’re a corner shop, large restaurant or chain store, you can adapt Square to your needs.

You’re able to accept credit cards with Square Reader and the money will be in your account within 1 or 2 business days. Record cash, store credit and other tender from your device, and help the environment by emailing or texting receipts to customers. You can even customise your products with photos, names and prices to give them a personal edge, giving your business more personality.

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