The Top 7 Sales Blogs To Help You Improve Your Selling Skills

Posted on 15th February 2017 in Business

Written by James Marren

The art of selling is critical no matter what part of the business you operate in, and though you may hire sales specialists, it’s still important to keep your sales skills sharp. The art of selling is happening all the time, in a variety of contexts, and not just to potential buyers. As a Founder, for example, you might be selling your business ethos to your employees or pitching to your supplier the reasons why you need an extra 30 days to pay their invoice. Luckily, there are a lot of resources online that can help you improve your salesmanship, and this blog suggests the ones we think you will find the most useful. Get it right and you could buy Damien Hirst’s piece ‘For The Love of God’. He’s a pretty successful sales person himself, this skull will cost you a cool £50 million!

1. OpenView Labs (Sales Category)

For: CEOs, Founders, and Sales Leaders 

OpenView is a venture capital firm focusing on expansion stage software companies. Its blog is formed by a collective of software experts dedicated to providing original research on the topics that matter most to senior executives. The sales category features articles on everything from buyer centric sales strategy to interviewing techniques, and removing bias from your hiring process.

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2. Sales Benchmark Index

For: Sales Managers and Leaders

SBI is a management consulting firm that specialises in sales and marketing. Its blog is designed with one thing in mind – helping you hit your number. Find new insights on hiring the best salespeople, creating a positive and achievement-driven culture and developing a winning strategy.

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3. HubSpot Sales Blog

Hubspot Blog

For: Salespeople, Managers, and Executives

Whatever your sales experience, there is valuable insight to be gained from the HubSpot Sales blog. Conceived and created in response to people’s growing aversion to traditional marketing tactics, Hubspot seeks to make the marketing and sales process more human.

If you want tips on how to write the perfect email subject line or on creating the ultimate sales plan for your business, you’ll find it here.

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4. Sales Source

For: Sales Reps, Managers, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

If you want to improve you negotiating skills, become more productive, write better sales emails etc, then Geoffrey James’ daily blog is for you. He is a professional speaker, a well-respected author and his award-winning blog shares a mix of sales, marketing, and general professional advice.

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5. Grant Cardone’s Blog

A picture of the entrepreneur Grant Cardone

For: Sales Reps, Managers, and Entrepreneurs

Grant Cardone is straight-talking, he is a respected entrepreneur and sales training expert with a lot of valuable insights to share. He is extremely motivational and doesn’t waste any time getting his point across.

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6. TopLine Leadership Blog

For: Sales Managers

Attitude is everything in sales and it’s so important to generate and maintain the right one within your sales team. This isn’t easy when you consider you also have to expose weaknesses and help improve technique as well.

Fortunately, The TopLine Leadership Blog helps by providing easily applicable methods of motivation. You’ll find tips on helping get your team more engaged, how to inspire them to hit their targets and much more.

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7. Inside Sales Experts Blog

For: Inside Sales Managers and Executives

Trish Bertuzzi, author of “The Sales Development Playbook” provides great insight and tactical content on hiring, retaining, and training inside salespeople, growing and managing territories, and tracking your team’s success.

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It’s important to measure your progress so you can see in black and white (and pink) if your sales strategy is working across the board and to identify where tweaks need to be made.

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