Scenarios, Forecasting and Budgeting (v3): It’s Another Bumper Release

Posted on 28th November 2016 in The Forecast

Written by Amy Harris

The latest from our development team and a personal message from Hannah McIntyre… - 5minute read

“I have literally been waiting for this release since I started in business 14 years ago. 

Back then the spreadsheet/desktop accounting end of month hell, meant that I was working at a 6-week time-lag to see how I was progressing towards my goals for the business. Frankly it was dire!

I’m so proud of the team because the speed that we can prepare a new forecast, scenario or budget, and the level of complexity that we can support, as well as complex account and grouping structures, is an absolute delight. The enhancements to our Cards on top of this means that the visualisations that I can go through with our board and the team (different ones of course!) are clear, succinct and insightful.

My vision has been realised, clearly, beautifully and powerfully. It’s a real joy to plan FUTRLI future in FUTRLI! So I’d like to give a shout out and huge thank you to my wonderful team – well done boys!”

Hannah McIntyre, Co-Founder

Scenarios, Forecasting and Budgeting V3

The most popular area of FUTRLI has had a lot of love from our developers in Brighton, UK, in the last two months. This is part one, with more to follow. I hope you love it all but please remember to share your feedback and favourites. A big thanks to our beta testers (you know who you are!) for helping us review early stage designs and test new functionality pre-release.

Beautiful, clean design

We use FUTRLI for our own business so we love knowing that most of the enhancements you’re asking for are the ones we’re waiting for too. We’ve been playing with this for a few months and we know it will do wonders for your experience and clarity. We’ve always provided a clear visual of your cash position but why were we stopping there? Now you can visualise even more key account categories or any custom formula you create on the headline chart.

The navigation has also had a lovely clean up and you can now get rid of zero rows (Hide/show rows). Editing the layout is simpler too.


New global scenario search

Easily see 3-way cash flow forecasting in action using our global search function. Due to double entry, credit terms and tax, forecast transactions will often appear in multiple areas. Find the detail you need in a snap now.



Clean workspace

You’ll notice in the images above that all account categories will load in a collapsed state, giving you a clean workspace. For further clarity, Custom Account Groupings are also in play. Add them to a card on their own or reference them in formulas. Make your changes once in your chart of accounts area and everreport you run will inherit these settings.

Colour coded formulas

If you’re working on complex formulas then you’ll love our new colour coding. See effortlessly whether you are referencing a Group, Category, Account, Formula or Non-financials.



Speed & Responsiveness

We’ve continued to deliver more speed enhancements so you’ll notice even faster loading. This also allows you to add forecasts without having to wait for the forecast/budget to fully load. Just keep on adding them – we’ll continue to crunch the numbers in the background.

Forecasting Methods

We’ve made our on-the-fly method a lot more functional by giving you lots of bulk edit options. You can now convert any forecast to an on-the fly and then make further changes to it!


Exporting to PDF

There is a lot happening in this area behind the scenes with announcements due in Q1, but the overhaul of tables, groupings and forecasting means that your forecasts and budgets now export beautifully. If the report is large, we’ll produce it in the background and notify you when it’s ready to download so that you can continue working without interruption.

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