We’ve Investigated the Hobbies of Successful Entrepreneurs…

Posted on 4th May 2017 in Lifestyle

Written by James Marren

If you feel that your moment for big wave surfing has passed by, don’t worry, because we’ve compiled a list of other great hobbies, which are fun, a little more realistic, and could actually help you with your entrepreneurial endeavours.


After that stressful day at the office, grabbing your trainers can be the perfect way to clear your mind and blow off steam. It’s a sport that requires healthy amounts of those key entrepreneurial traits, self-motivation and determination. Running helps you develop self-confidence by getting you out and about, while the mental and physical results quickly solidify your confidence gains. If you need a kick start and feel that running with others would help make it more enjoyable, then Runtogether is a great resource to check out in the UK, while Running Meetups offer a more global option.

Martial Arts

There are many crossovers between business and martial arts that can provide you with valuable insights. Facing someone in the dojo quickly teaches you not to underestimate your opponent as you can never be fully aware of their skill level and the possible leverage they have over you. You need to always correctly position yourself before attacking what’s in front of you and likewise be ready to counter anything thrown your way. In the business world, preparing or training for kicks and punches could be likened to Scenario Planning, which allows you to forecast possible events and prepare how you would react in any given situation.

You’re never too late to start and due to the grading system, you will always find someone of a similar level to yourself to practice with.


Golf has a curious relationship with business, with the smart entrepreneur realising that there are more than just physical and mental benefits up for grabs. Whilst walking approximately 4 miles in natural environments is fantastic for your health, it’s the social and networking potential that may actually help boost your entrepreneurial exploits the most.

As an added bonus you may be able to deduct some golf-related costs as a business entertainment expense and for an extra tip, wherever you are in the world OpenFairways could save you a little bit off of your green fee.

Read these techniques to manage your time better and spend more of it on your hobbies


Much like entrepreneurship, sailing is about plotting your course and constantly referring back to your map or business plan to navigate your way forwards successfully. You have to learn how to steer through unknown waters, deal with rough conditions and you should be consistently forecasting what’s up ahead. These are all fundamentals of running your business, but perhaps most importantly of all, sailing teaches you to enjoy the journey while focusing on a destination.

For a head start, check out these sailing knots.


Yoga is one pursuit seldom few walk away from once they start, as the benefits for your wellbeing can be dramatic. It can help put your body and mind in the perfect state of health, providing the ideal foundation for you to take on the challenges of the business world. If you like the sound of increased energy levels, stress relief, improved concentration and creativity, then find yourself an accredited teacher here.


You don’t have to have the best voice in the world (Bob Dylan) to benefit from the art of songwriting. The patience, creativity and dedication to the craft necessary to write a song, all mirror the skills it takes to run a business. Searching for the best lyric or melody and trying to bring these different parts together develops the mind in unique ways, standing you in good stead when needing to think creatively for business solutions.

Here are some songwriting tips if you’re in the mood and perhaps have a guitar to hand.

Learn the right moments to get inspiration for your songwriting


This is a game so good that it has been around since time immemorial and is still going strong today. Peter Theil, Co-Founder of Paypal was a US-rated Chess Master and the list of famous and successful people who played the game and extol its benefits is endless.

Every day in your business life you are playing a version of chess, having to always look several moves down the road. You have to have a long-term strategy, but be flexible enough to adapt when an unexpected opportunity or challenge arises. It makes a lot of sense, first, honing your skills with the chessboard.

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