The BIG release week – 5/5

Posted on 18th August 2016 in Updates

Written by Amy Harris

Every month we share what our development team have been working on to make FUTRLI even more powerful for you. This month, we needed a whole week to bring you up to speed. - 5minute read

Benchmarking beta is here!

Now this is exciting! FUTRLI is already used by businesses around the world and their teams to monitor the performance of businesses side by side. Up until this release, if you wanted a helicopter view of your business you could build a Board to look at every single entity side by side, as shown here.

FUTRLI benchmark board

Now you can do this all in one Card! For Organisations from any source! It doesn’t matter if you are viewing Organisations on different accounting packages, FUTRLI allows you to glue that all together to present a company overview.

Introducing our new ‘Benchmarking’ Card

In FUTRLI, each Card is a way to design a view of your data. There are now 8 in the pack, we launched with just 2 in 2014. This Card is in beta and we have so much more planned, think of this as v1.

Our beta release is Benchmarking in its truest sense and it works in a very similar way to our Tracking Card (for Departmental/Division Reporting). Here, in one Card, you can compare the performance across any custom metric you choose.

Benchmarking Card set-up

To get started, click to ‘Add a new Card’ and then select Benchmarking…


Even though our Cards perform different functions, the design is almost identical so if you know and love FUTRLI this should look very familiar. If you’re thinking of using FUTRLI, this will speed up how quickly you can get up to speed.


Benchmarking Card Set up

Once you have selected the Consolidated Group you wish to view, you can then decide the date range you wish to view and for which Child organisations you wish to include in this Report.

Example A
You want to compare all entities within a Franchise network

Example B
You select only 3 Organisations of 10, which are in the South, to view one Region within that network

We’ve recently released Custom Account Groupings and Consolidated Reporting so if you missed this, check out these introduction blogs and videos.

Benchmarking & Boards

Benchmark - site comparison - FUTRLI

Your display options are exactly as you’d imagine. You can customise this Report any way you desire to focus on the numbers that matter to you. You can Add Accounts or KPIs using our Formula library in exactly the same way you would on other Cards.

This update ends our BIG RELEASE WEEK!

We’ve loved working on these enhancements and ticking off even more of your wish list. During this series we’ve hinted that there is more coming and we mean it.

But, phew, let’s take a breather and for now let’s review what’s been delivered…

Summary: August 2016 Release

This video is a brilliant overview of this month’s release. It’s 20 minutes in total but it works through everything you need to know about how powerful these enhancements are for our platform.

You can also catch up on the blogs, here…

Day 1: It’s our 2nd birthday & the big release week launched
Day 2: Custom Account Groupings go live
Day 3: Consolidated Reporting is live
Day 4: Forecast Cashflow Cards are live
Day 5: Benchmarking Beta is here



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