The BIG release week – 4/5

Posted on 17th August 2016 in Updates

Written by Amy Harris

Every month we share what our development team have been working on to make FUTRLI even more powerful for you. This month, we needed a whole week to bring you up to speed. - 5minute read

Forecast Cashflow Cards now live!

Our brilliant Boards can view the past, present and future. This is a 360º window into your business and the view has just come into even greater focus with the release of these Cashflow Cards.

Cashflow Card set-up

To get started, click to ‘Add a new Card’ and then select the ‘Forecast Cash Flow’ Card.

Add Cashflow Card

This Card is specifically for Cashflow. This will show you your Cashflow based upon any Budgets, Forecasts or Scenarios that you have created in FUTRLI. Remember, you can create a new Forecast simply from Last Year’s Actuals within FUTRLI. This prepares a forecast based on the business to date. You can make tweaks if you wish i.e. increase sales by 2%. This is a brilliant way to predict, plan and manage the future. These Cards make it even easier to look ahead.

Even better, once you have selected the Cashflow Card the set up is the same as our Report Cards so there is nothing new to learn. However, when you come to Build this Report you’ll see that we’ve now added your Cashflow Accounts…

Cashflow Accounts FUTRLI

Forecast Cashflow Cards & Boards

In the past, if you wanted to see the finer details of a Cashflow Forecast, Budget or Scenario you would have to give access to this area within FUTRLI. You don’t need to do that anymore as these new Cards will surface all the data that’s in your Scenarios within your Boards. Our Custom Account Groupings support you in displaying those details. These enhancements are about simplifying your experience so again you can work clean with an ‘Open Plan View’ because you don’t need to go back and forth between the Scenario and your Boards.

Cashflow Cards

Your display options are exactly as you’d imagine. You can customise this Report any way you desire to focus on the numbers that matter to you.

More coming soon!

There is so much planned here but, of course, we always want your feedback so get stuck in with our new Cashflow Cards and let us know what you think.

That’s it for day 4! More exciting enhancements will be released tomorrow.


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