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We help you become the leader your business needs to reach your vision through our education, advice and AI-powered tools designed to help you (or your accountant) understand your financials, manage cash flow and make the right decisions to grow your business.

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Cash flow software with all the right answers

Cash flow is a universal problem, with 61% of small businesses experiencing cash flow issues on a regular basis. And that's where Flow comes in. Flow runs AI over your invoices, bills, expenses and more, to pinpoint issues and uncover trends in your cash flow. Heavy client dependencies? Outstanding invoices? Flow is the simple cash flow software to help you take control.

Reporting and forecasting software for accounting practices & larger businesses

Advisor's reporting and forecasting will enable you to make the right strategic decisions and keep your business, your clients, investors or team on track.

KPI dashboards

KPI dashboards and reports for the numbers most important to your business.

3-way forecasting

Generate seamless 3-way forecasts that project up to 10 years into the future.

Business alerts

Set limits for your business and we’ll let you know if you’re heading for the red. Sleep sounder.

Scenario modeling

Make the right choice. Ask ‘what-if’, and discover the potential outcomes of your decisions.

KPI builder

Businesses are unique, so use our KPI builder to measure the operational metrics most important to success.

Forecasting wizards

Collaborate with your team and break down those silos. Make the best decisions, together.

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Charlotte Smith
Charlotte SmithCityzen Ltd

"All in all shockingly insightful and shows us EXACTLY where our vulnerabilities lie."

Katerina Fiscus
Katerina FiscusPeaches and Creme Thrift Shop

"BTW I LOVE this! This is the PERFECT thing I need for me and my business!"

Graham Shapiro
Graham ShapiroMyaccountant

"This is an absolute MUST for any business owner."

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