We are Futrli

We predict your business's future
We predict it'll be a game changer
We predict your business's future
Futrli guides your better, money-making business decisions
The weather forecast changes what we do. It's not always good, but it still affects how we plan our weekend.
Futrli is basically a weather forecast for your business.

By taking all the financial data your business creates we build you accurate financial predictions, helping you
make more money as you can make the best plans for your business's next month...quarter...year.

3 products. 3 use cases.
3 future-drivers.

Small business? Starting out? More established? Groups of businesses? Large portfolio?
We've built software for you that's easy to use, quick to deploy and fast to take action on.

Predict is a world first.

Prediction technology gives the power of a full finance team to any small business owner. This isn't just forecasting, this is running a predicted business. Find out what the hype is about.

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The new Futrli Advisor.

Award-winning since 2014. There's a reason why Futrli Advisor has been the lynchpin for businesses who need regular reporting, raising finance, and growing year on year.

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A predicted group view

Accounting practice clients. Franchises and groups of organisations. Leverage the power of prediction technology across every business to profile future risk and identify areas ripe for growth.

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Founded in the UK by a small business owner obsessed with forecasting
Small businesses supported across the globe since launch
Global accounting firms helping their clients with our products

People are talking

Phillip Rowden
"It is the only cash forecast tool that, you know, does a cash flow forecast!"
Stuart Gordon
It is simply fantastic! Powerful, flexible and intuitive to use.
Tim Hewis
A must-have piece of cloud software
Brian James
Pivotal in helping clients navigate through Covid
Tamsyn Jefferson-Harvey
Our business has grown as a result of the services we can deliver using Futrli
Willem Haarhoff
It is a "kick-ass" app because it works beautifully.
Ricardo Ghanem
Definitely recommend Futrli!
Daniel Coleman
The Forecasting Lead - Great software!
Paul Lodder
Futrli is amazing and plays an integral part to the services we give our clients.