Integrated forecasting & reporting for small businesses

Get a grip on your cashflow and make decisions about your business' future, fast.

Because BI dashboards look backwards and spreadsheets are so last century.

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Futrli forecasting and reporting dashboard in a white MacBook laptop frame with 6 report cards on showing what-if scenario planning graph, income source in a doughnut graph, gross profit analysis chart, position against budget, overdraft limit threshold analysis, and revenue per customer.
Two white iPhones suspended at an angle displaying a company dashboard with revenue per customer and a business plan report showing a cashflow forecast.

Why Futrli ?

No one likes spreadsheets, and keeping your forecasting and reporting up to date can be a challenge. Futrli shows you real-time data for a live view of business, perfect for business owners and advisors.

When you view your forecasting and reporting as a wall of numbers, it's impossible to collaborate over. Integrating your future assumptions with current performance and using the past as a marker is the only way to work.

  • Small businesses that have a plan are more successful
  • Keep track of your short term and long term cash
  • Play with different scenarios easily
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Smart forecasting

Keeping control of your cash is essential. Futrli's forecasting is simple and powerful.

Future dashboards

Dashboards are usually focussed on the past. Futrli is integrated, bringing actual and forecast data to life.


Don't work alone. Collaborate over which scenarios your business may face with your accountant and team.


Connected businesses


Forecasts created


Futrli Advisory Firms


Integrated product!

An iPhone containing a representation of revenue vs cashflow and total expense breakdown in Futrli.

Advanced features that put you in the driving seat of your business

Sometimes you need a little more. We understand that despite being a small business, or an accounting professional who advises them, you still have a lot to control. Our forecasting and reporting tools help you do just that.

  • Xero's tracking for actual & forecast data
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reporting for Xero & QuickBooks
  • Consolidation for multiple businesses
  • Loan forecasting wizards
  • Live updating formula forecast methods
  • Create the KPIs once using formulas and they will update automatically from here on in
  • Manual "no cash" journals for power forecasting
  • Automated VAT/GST calculations
  • Group your Chart of Accounts in a way that makes sense for you and use these groups in dashboards and forecasts

Team permissions

Chart of account permissions can be tailored to limit what your managers & department heads see.


Your business doesn't stop so access your numbers on your smartphone, tablet and desktop

Scenario layers

Use linked forecasts to test your best, working and worst case futures. The editing is slick and the insight essential.

White label

Customise Futrli to your own branding to give your team ownership over their numbers

Show me more

Show me more

You want to know what you're getting right?

What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

Don't just take our word for it.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Our single business package gives you full app functionality and the perfect set up for a business owner. Futrli Limited and Futrli Unlimited are perfect for bookkeepers and accounting firms. When you have client businesses to serve, you can offer best in breed reporting, forecasting and advisory with our full toolkit. And, we get you off to a flying start with our tailored implementation programme and dedicated ongoing customer success management.

Single business

  • For businesses
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited reports
  • Online support
$ 80 /monthly
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Futrli Limited

  • For accountants
  • Up to 20 small businesses
  • Practice strategy
  • Online support
$ 325 /monthly
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Futrli Unlimited

  • For accountants
  • Unlimited businesses
  • Practice strategy
  • Online support
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What would you like to know?

A representation of a non-financial report in Futrli in an iMac frame that shows how much time on a call people spend in a call centre.

1. Do I have to manually upload my data?

No, you can connect Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB once and then we do all of the hard work for you!

2. Can I bring non-financial data into Futrli?

Yes, you can via a simple CSV import. Plus, we're also working on some amazing things at HQ to really put the power in your hands here.

3. Why would I have more than one forecast?

Your business is living and breathing, and there are multiple ways to get to your ultimate destination. Just like your maps app, if there is a roadblock up ahead, a new route will form. That is what your different scenarios are for. Create a base forecast and then you can create different forecasts for best or worst case that you can link to the base one in one click. Pretty cool. Then just compare any metrics you want from these forecasts in a card that lives in your dashboard.

4. When will I start seeing value?

Spend a little time at the start getting your assumptions into Futrli. Then, with your actuals and dashboards updating automatically, we'll do the heavy lifting. We'll be working behind the scenes tracking your progress against your targets from that point onwards.

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Futrli Integrated Forecasting & Reporting Informing Business Decisions
Futrli - Integrated Forecasting & Reporting - Informing Business Decisions