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AI-powered cash flow software for every business

From small businesses to large accounting practices, Futrli's got your back. In no time at all, Futrli runs AI over your data, improving your cash flow and helping you make better business decisions.

Overview of actionfeed
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Cash flow software with all the right answers

Futrli Platform, your business's daily, data-driven to-do list. Pulling data from every corner of your business, Futrli Platform generates insights into your business. Know where you're at, where you're going and how you're going to get there. Pave your way to success.

Powerful alone, better together

Futrli offers small businesses and their accountants a full suite of tools to improve your cash flow and provide the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Reporting and forecasting software for accounting practices & larger businesses

Advisor's reporting and forecasting will enable you to make the right strategic decisions and keep your business, your clients, investors or team on track.

Overview of actionfeed

KPI dashboards

KPI dashboards and reports that will supercharge your clients’ business success.

3-way forecasting

Advisor can generate a seamless 3-way forecast that projects 10 years into the future.

Business alerts

Full business monitoring, 24/7. Advisor notifies you if they reach an agreed threshold.

Scenario modeling

Advisor lets your clients ask ‘what-if?’ with scenario modeling.

KPI builder

Drill into your clients’ KPIs and operational metrics with our formula builder.

Forecasting wizards

Collaborate over the numbers with your team and break down those silos.

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Charlotte Smith
Charlotte SmithCityzen Ltd

"All in all shockingly insightful and shows us EXACTLY where our vulnerabilities lie."

Katerina Fiscus
Katerina FiscusPeaches and Creme Thrift Shop

"BTW I LOVE this! This is the PERFECT thing I need for me and my business!"

Graham Sharpio
Graham SharpioMyaccountant

"This is an absolute MUST for any business owner."

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