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Futrli and Sage

Futrli is fully integrated with Sage Accounting. Connect Futrli to your Sage Accounting account and let thousands of algorithms process your financials. With automatic syncing, prepare for up-to-date predictions every time.

Let predictions guide your business and see it thrive.

Why customers love Futrli

Empowered decision-making

Futrli humanises the numbers. It’s a jargon-free way of communicating your numbers to your clients. There aren’t any other tools that can be so widely used from beginner to expert.

Stuart Hurst

Director at Accounts and Legal

Time-saving & precise

Futrli has redefined our internal expectations of what management accounts and real-time forecasting should be. We are able to provide a better level consistently. It comes out in the right way, every time.

Mark Simic

Partner at Simpkins Edwards

Above and beyond

If you're looking for a reporting package that does more than the standard, Futrli is what you'd use. We’ve picked up clients all over the country because of the capabilities of this software.

Steven Millerchip

Partner at Brearley and Co

Futrli and Sage

Futrli has direct integration with Sage Accounting. Sage ledgers are synchronised with Futrli to ensure that clients have real-time information in front of them.

“At the heart of every successful business is strong cash flow management. Futrli will form an important role in the way we support accountants and their clients to gain the visibility needed to deliver great advisory services - all as part of our Sage for Accountants solution.”

Neal Watkins

EVP Product, Sage

Connect your Sage Accounting

Run a predicted business through Futrli and Sage Accounting.