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Full integration with the apps that count.

All your most up-to-date data in one place. Futrli integrates seamlessly with Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Sage Accounting.

Why customers love Futrli

Powerful forecasting

Futrli has proven to be a wonderful tool, in both helping clients understand their current financial position, but especially in creating forecasts.

Iain MacLachlan

Accountant at Scarlett Financial Pty Ltd

Empowered decision making

Futrli extends Xero and makes real-time or ‘anytime’ advisory possible. So we can spend time adding value in areas like forecasting and scenario planning, making us valued partners, rather than just number crunchers.

James Solomons

Director at Aptus Accountancy & Advisory

The right way, every time

Futrli has redefined our internal expectations of what management accounts and real-time forecasting should be. We are able to provide a better level consistently.

Mark Simic

Partner at Simpkins Edwards

Futrli's integrations

Futrli complements your financial data by integrating with industry-leading software. Automated daily syncing makes it easy to use your most up-to-date accounting data and to get the most out of your accounting data.


Futrli has a special integration with Sage Business Cloud Accounting, a cloud accounting software for small businesses and sole traders.


Futrli teams up perfectly with Xero, a cloud-based accounting app for small businesses.

QuickBooks Online

Futrli goes hand in hand with QuickBooks Online, a web-based small business accounting platform.

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Take a look at our integration with QuickBooks Online.
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Take a look at our integration with Sage.
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