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De-risk your business instantly with AI insights of customer and supplier behaviours.

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Pro Plan$11.25*Per month (USD)* billed annually
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Stop worrying about cash flow! Future-proof your business with hands off AI predictions

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Make confident decisions about the impact of tricky digital marketing and sales funnels. Play!

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Advisor is Futrli's forecasting platform for accountants and sits outside the Futrli Platform. To access Advisor pricing, click the following button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Another question? Speak to our team today or visit our help center.

What is Futrli?

Futrli is a smart-platform with a suite of products designed to solve every pain you’ll experience running a small business. It is the one place where the right information is always at your fingertips, decisions are made, and actions can be shared across your teams at the click of a button.

What is Flow and who is it for?

Flow is the first product to be released on our platform. Flow makes cash flow simple to understand and even easier to manage. Translating your financial data into actionable tasks, revealing cash hotspots and gaps, the bills you have at risk, and customers who don’t pay on time.

Flow is for everyone, regardless of financial experience. Simple to-do lists, so you can deal with issues quickly and get back to doing what’s important.

How much does Flow cost?

Creating your workspace and getting started is free for you and the whole team. You’ll be able to get started with each of our products and start improving your business, no card required.

If you’d like to upgrade to Pro, you’ll be able to add even more weapons to your arsenal. Deeper insights, more data and more actions. You and your business will be at the top of your game. We called it Pro for a reason.

What accountancy software is supported?

We currently integrate with Xero and Quickbooks. But, new integrations are in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Have an integration you’d like to see, or want to find out when something’s launching? Ask our Support Team by emailing us at help@futrli.com.

Can I work together with my team?

You and your whole team can all work together in one workspace, Futrli makes collaboration easy! To learn more about how teamwork makes the dreamwork, check out our help centre.

Which currencies or countries are supported?

You can access your Futrli workspace from anywhere in the world, we pull data from your cloud accounting system. The currency used in Futrli will match the default currency in your accounting package.

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