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Total Cost: Formula, Definition & Examples

Identifying your Total Cost can be crucial in understanding your business's profitability. Learn how to properly evaluate your Total Cost performance.

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Interim Invoice: Definition, Examples, and How to Use

An Interim Invoice is when you're requesting a partial payment, often for a partial delivery of a service or instalments on a large project. Click to learn more!

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The Prudence Concept In Accounting | Definition & Guide

Prudence concept is a concept of accounting that increases the trustworthiness of figures reported in the financial statements of a business. Click to learn more!

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Sales KPIs and Metrics for Business Reporting

There’s lots of ways to slice Sales finances. Here’s some of the top sales KPIs your business should be tracking on your reporting dashboard.

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Financial KPIs and Metrics for Small Business Reporting

Learn which financial KPIs and metrics every small business should be adding to their KPI dashboard and reporting, and why they’re important!

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How to Get a Business Loan

Business Loans don’t have to be time-consuming or scary, here, we’ll walk you through the basics you’ll need to have in place to apply and get the best rates.

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