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Investment into a future category king

We hear from Camilla Mazzolini, Investor at firstminute Capital, who explains why her VC firm made an investment in Series A funding for Futrli. Read the original article on LinkedIn. At firstminute, we’re thrilled to announce our investment in Futrli as part of a £4m round alongside our friends from and Notion Capital. Futrli […]

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What if your business could see the future?

We hear from Jos White, General Partner at Notion, who explains why he invested in Series A funding for Futrli. I’m thrilled to be announcing our investment in Futrli. The company is on a mission to help small businesses see their future in a way that hasn’t been approached before. We think this is a […]

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All forecasts are not created equal. That’s why you need prediction software. Yes, you really do.

Predict is for your unique business and gives you the whole future picture of it. The way that it effortlessly pulls every transaction apart, understands the differences between every account type, calculates VAT accurately and combines this logic with smart algorithms to predict daily activity and cash impact, means you basically have a team of virtual CFOs working for you every moment, of every day.

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