From 3-way forecasting to scenario planning. All that you need to know.

What is the Sortino Ratio & How to Calculate It

The Sortino Ratio is a way to measure the return on investment by just looking at downside risk to better measure risk-adjusted returns.

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Pension & Retirement Planning for Business Owners

All business owners understand the importance of forecasting and planning for future finances but have you forecasted for your retirement?

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What Is Capital Budgeting? Definition & Application

Capital Budgeting is a great way to understand the financial implications of investing in new resources for businesses. Learn more and how to apply it!

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What is Zero-based Budgeting: Advantages & Disadvantages

Zero-Based Budgeting means starting from zero every time you plan a budget and it could be a way to keep a closer eye on your businesses finances.

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Investment into a future category king

We hear from Camilla Mazzolini, Investor at firstminute Capital, who explains why her VC firm made an investment in Series A funding for Futrli. Read the original article on LinkedIn. At firstminute, we’re thrilled to announce our investment in Futrli as part of a £4m round alongside our friends from and Notion Capital. Futrli […]

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What if your business could see the future?

We hear from Jos White, General Partner at Notion, who explains why he invested in Series A funding for Futrli. I’m thrilled to be announcing our investment in Futrli. The company is on a mission to help small businesses see their future in a way that hasn’t been approached before. We think this is a […]

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