Free Webinar:
27th March, 10 AM - 10:30 AM (UK)

Mastering Tomorrow's Finances: Futrli by Sage - A Journey of Innovation and Cash Flow Forecasting Excellence

Join Hannah Dawson, CEO & Founder, Futrli by Sage and Helen Cockle, Senior Director, Sage for a short and insightful session on the remarkable journey of Futrli since its acquisition by Sage 2 years ago.

We’ll delve into the exciting progression and product developments that have taken place, with a special focus on the advancements in cash flow forecasting and reporting, propelling Futrli to new heights amongst accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners.  

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On this session, we’ll look at:

The strategic vision behind the acquisition and the synergies between Futrli and Sage.

The enhanced capabilities and features that have been introduced post-acquisition.

The evolution of Futrli's tools, emphasising the improvements made in user experience and accessibility for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners.

A sneak peek into the roadmap for Futrli by Sage, outlining upcoming features and developments.

The Speakers

Sean is a dynamic Platform Evangelist at Sage with a passion for tech innovation. With 8 years immersed in the field, Sean spearheads advancements in the Accounting industry. He excels in streamlining processes, delivering captivating presentations, and leading transformative change initiatives. Sean's mission is to inspire teams to embrace the digital revolution, propelling firms into the future.

Sean Smith
Accountant Evangelist

Hannah is a passionate advocate for frequent straight-talking conversations between accountants and their clients. Back in 2003, she bought a pub in Devon and became frustrated with the accounting world. This led her to start Futrli and begin a lifelong mission to make communication between accountants and their clients simpler, quicker and easy.

Hannah Dawson
Futrli by Sage

Helen Cockle has been played a pivotal role in the transition of Futrli from start up to now acquired business. She has led the GTM approach leaning on her 20 years of experience in the accounting sector to ensure market fit and client value is achieved. Having held a global role for over 5 years, she comprehends the shared and opposing needs of all markets, particularly the UK, AU and NZ.

Helen Cockle
Senior Director

What our customers are saying

“It's a kick-ass cash flow forecasting software because it works beautifully.”

Willem Harrhoff
Director, DoughGetters

“The Futrli team have been fantastic. The platform has been beneficial to both my practice and my clients.”

Sharon Hirsch
Director, Argus Accounting