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Cash Flow Forecasting in Futrli with a cash flow forecast template

What is a Cash Flow Forecast?

A cash flow forecast is an estimation of the future cash flow an organization will receive and spend. It is a critical planning tool for any company, but especially important for businesses that require capital to operate or have fluctuating operational costs.

Cash Flow Forecasting can be challenging because accurate results depend upon reliable data. Inaccurate information may result in major problems later on down the line for your business.

What Is a Free Cash Flow Forecast Template with Futrli?

A cash flow forecast template is a document that aids in determining your company’s net amount of cash. This document can analyze day-by-day, month-by-month, quarter-by-quarter or year-over-year projected receipts and payments as compared to an entity’s operating expenses and other outflows.

With preset criteria, you’ll know when to expect a cash flow forecast template to be required so that your organization can provide the best possible guidance about business costs. You'll also be able to compare projected with actual results for better insight into how your organization is doing.

Futrli can do all of the cash flow forecast template for you, with only a bit of effort on your part!

Difference between Cash Flow Forecasts and Profit and Loss

A cash flow forecast template is different from a Profit and Loss Statement or Balance Sheet. It shows the total cash paid in or received for a given month with an opening balance adjusted by all transactions during the period.

A profit and loss forecast is not more or less important than a cash flow projection; these two forecasts work together to give you a complete understanding of your business. The set of reports they provide you with both complement and contradict one another to paint a more informative picture of your company.

You can determine whether your business is sustainable by reviewing your profit and loss forecast. Even if you start out with unprofitable numbers, this cash flow forecast template will show where you are making progress in the future - through increasing revenue over time, decreasing expenses over time or some combination of the two.

Your cash flow projection shows you how much money is needed in the bank to fund your sales and expenses over time. This includes both profitable and unprofitable months, as well as large one-time expenses such as buying inventory or investing in equipment that can’t be entirely expensed at once.

Cash flow forecasting with Futrli

“Cash flow forecasting is at the heart of Futrli,” Hannah Dawson, CEO, says. “Using actual data, clients can create live 3-way forecasts from their P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement. With unlimited forecasts available, the ability to project forwards up to 10 years and the option to add in non-financial data, customers can get a real grip on what’s going on with their cash.”

Futrli found small businesses tend to base decision making on immediate trends, as using a cashflow forecast template has traditionally been a time and skill intensive process and a luxury afforded to enterprise-level businesses. With this gap in the market, Futrli is democratising forecasting to level the playing field.

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Futrli's February 2024 Release


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