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Unrivalled bespoke insights, live KPI dashboards, month end reporting and powerful forecasting capabilities, all in one simple interface that you can use or give clients access to. For Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB and Excel.

Offer more to your clients without generating more work for you.

Advisor is a one-stop-shop advisory accounting masterpiece; forecasting, reporting, dashboards and KPI monitoring - and you only have to save one login. Efficient and intelligent templates and pre-made reports allow you to scale these services across more of your portfolio without breaking your back or the bank.

find efficiencies

KPIs: the key information that matters to your clients

Help clients control the controllables. Use the data that they create in Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB to course correct and spot opportunities.

  • Financial KPIs
  • Non-financial KPIs
  • Create your own KPIs
  • Limitless possibilities
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collaborate in real time

Dashboards: simple, powerful and effective

Dashboards shouldn't be confined to past data. That information is great, but it's better when it can also be flipped into future data.

Build live, bespoke dashboards that reference actual, forecast or budget data, financials, non-financials or custom KPIs. Send a non-editable copy or share with clients for live collaboration and operational support between advisory meetings.

  • Live updating data
  • Custom and templates
  • Flip into forecast data
  • Presentation mode
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Wow theIR board or investors

Printed reports: for all advisory needs

PDF reporting is an essential need when your clients business has grown.

Produce beautiful, board-meeting ready PDF reports quickly and flexible. Build from scratch, template or convert existing dashboards to PDF

  • Auto-updating reports
  • Template reports and sections
  • Images and rich formatting
  • Unlimited customisation
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Run a predicted practice

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track THEIr progress

Unbeatable budgeting

Budget more effectively and keep their business and departments on track.

Budgeting in Futrli Advisor is simple, fast and does more than budgeting in Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB or spreadsheets.

  • Plan with your clients
  • Build quickly
  • Monitor on dashboards
  • Take action fast
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HELP THEM make a plan

Business planning: For start-ups and growth businesses

Plot business expansion or your client's business start-up using advanced, yet simple forecasting methods.

Export bank-ready business plans to PDF or share a live version with investors and stakeholders.

  • Cash flow projections
  • Tax planning
  • Funding applications
  • Investor and board reports
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ADVISORY Strategic planning

3-way forecasting scenarios

What if, What if, What if? Plot base scenarios and explore numerous what-ifs by using Futrli Advisor's scenario linking capabilities.

Duplicate any forecast to model projections and visualise to compare possible business outcomes side by side in easy to read dashboards.   

  • P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Linked scenarios
  • Formulas and drivers
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"Everyone we show loves it - including our own team that now gets to see the Futrli boards on a regular basis for our own reporting/monitoring (practice what you preach!!)"

Allan Wilson
Director, Wilson Partners

"Futrli is brilliantly flexible and makes it so easy to relay important points."

Ben Ackner
Chartered Accountant, The Peloton

"We absolutely love Futrli and the team at Futrli! We’re confident enough with it that just 5 weeks in we have already completed the certification, white labelled, presented to our first clients and sold to our first clients!"

Andy Middler
Founder, Middlers
Xero tracking

Tracking in Xero: Get into the nitty gritty

Drill down further with Xero tracking. Ideal for projects, teams and multi-tiered businesses.

Build dashboards to report and filter individual departments, monitor key KPIs and benchmark.

  • Report on Xero Tracking
  • Filter by Xero tracking
  • 12 tracking options per report
  • Compare and benchmark by tracking
Multiple businesses?

Consolidation for live reporting

Help your clients manage their group of businesses and give spreadsheets and time delays the boot.

Consolidate and group organisations from any accountancy package, for top-level reporting and forecasting. Maintain financial accuracy with inter-company eliminations. Benchmark businesses within the group across any financial metric or KPI.

  • Reporting at group level
  • Forecasting at group level
  • Benchmarking
  • Flexible chart of accounts structures
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