Better customers, more cash, more quickly

Flow runs over your invoices, bills, customers and suppliers to predict payments, assess your risk & dependency and rank them. What's hiding in your data that will make your business better today?

The cash management tool your small business needs
Your customer data translator

Put hidden customer data to work

Flow is like a second brain, running over all of your customers and invoices, aggregating what's important and predicting where you should take action first. Every day, when we pull in new data from Xero or Quickbooks, your feed and customer details will be updated with today's hit list.

Don’t risk your business

Spot trends and risks today

How many customers are putting you at risk? Flow spots risk, average sales, revenue and spend trends from customers and suppliers hidden in your data that you can take action to amplify the good and protect against the bad.

Easily control your credit

Predict payments

Flow is a predictive credit controller, monitoring your customers' behaviour and adjusted predicted payment dates for any invoices owed. Combine this with risk and dependency scores and you're running a tight ship.

Don’t be dependent

Don’t be dependent

Do you depend on just a few customers or suppliers? What would happen if they went out of business? Flow's automatic dependency tracking, will proactively alert you before it becomes a problem. 

Get a grip on your spending

Get a grip on spending too

Don't be a bank. If you're paying suppliers faster than customers are paying you, then you're going to run out of cash. Flow helps you understand you supplier trends too, as it's just as important.

Rank everything

Why? Because you don't know what you don't know! Whether it's the best or worst you want to identify in your customers and suppliers you can drill into and filter anything to make sure you're amplifying the good and stopping the bad.

Integrated with your financial data

Integrate Flow with Xero or QuickBooks to take control of your cash flow today.

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