Keep and find more cash. Grow your business.

Flow quickly identifies hidden poor payers, calculates the right time to pay bills and helps you understand how to make the right decisions to keep more of your cash in your account.

Know exactly what’s going on (and what to do about it)

Every day Flow scans Xero or Quickbooks for changes across your customers, suppliers, invoices and bills, predicting hidden things you need to know.

Identify hidden risky customers

Before you do business, credit check your customers. Flow monitors credit score changes over time in the feed so you’re never exposed, alerting you to changes and possible risk.

Nip problems in the bud before you go into the red

Knowing when your customers are actually going to pay and understanding when you should pay suppliers means you'll manage your cash better.

Guarantee cash by protecting invoices

It's a new thing. If you're in the UK, you can protect your cash flow and get up to 90% of your invoice values in Flow with invoice protection insurance. All of your customers are considered, even those with lower credit scores.

Get paid quicker with no effort

Set customers up right from the beginning. Connect GoCardless from within the Flow feed and automate payments by Direct Debit to get paid every time.

Instantly bring spending under control

What are you spending where? Are you paying too soon and too much? Flow calculates the right time to pay bills and gives you control over how much you're spending with suppliers.

Flow updates automatically every day

Integrate Flow with Xero or QuickBooks to take control of your cash flow today.

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