Helen Cockle

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I lead our Customer Operations Team globally and whether you are a customer, a nearly customer or just an inquisitive software browser, it will be my brilliant team that will support you along the way. With over 22 years supporting accountants and having run two businesses of my own, I hope I know what our customers need!

Lover of sausage dogs, antique fairs, blue lights and spiders.

Blog Posts

Be smarter with your business's paid social with these 7 tips and tricks

Are you putting your money in the right place? Here are seven tips and tricks for cracking the code of paid social.

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Do business owners need to understand accounting?

Never be ignorant of an aspect of your business You don’t know what you don’t know. But your accountant does. They have a responsibility to help you connect to your business finances. Identify the gaps in your knowledge and have your accountant make you a forecast if you haven’t already.

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Perfecting your client acquisition strategy for your accountancy firm

Expand your books, perfect the ultimate client acquisition strategy for your firm.

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What happens when you start thinking ‘What if’? An introduction to scenario planning

Your clients ask 'what if' every day. Now, you can ask it too. Give your clients the data-led advice they need to make thier decisions.

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PDF reports or live dashboards: how do you choose for your clients?

PDF reports and live dashboards are both advantageous for different reasons. Find out which is better for you and your business.

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Why successful business owners no longer rely on historical financial reports but on cash flow forecasting and 3-way forecasting

Successful business owners no longer rely on historical reports, instead they’re combining the power of the cloud to look to the future and monitor the present and past.

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Bounce Back Series: How Graeme Tennick focused on strategy for clients and grew his accounting firm during lockdown

In our latest Bounce Back article, Graeme Tennick, founder of Graeme Tennick & Co Accountants, based in the North East, explains how a commitment to going beyond compliance has helped the firm grow rapidly during 2020.

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Bounce Back Series: How one accounting firm delivers more value for clients while increasing revenue and reducing contact time

In another Bounce Back feature, we speak with partner and head of BDODrive, Mark Sykes, on how they adapted to the challenges of lockdown for clients and how it is breaking the time-for-hours equation with better results for the businesses it serves.

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Bounce Back Series: How Brighton gym TheBox kept its nerve and its members by shifting online overnight

In another Bounce Back article focusing on the gym sector, we speak to TheBox co-founder and gym owner Helen Shalcott on how the innovative boutique gym is keeping clients fit at home and primed to get back to the gym post-lockdown.

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Bounce Back Series: How design agency, Clearleft, uses strategy and planning to avoid the fear of the future

Clearleft co-founder, Andy Budd, and operations director, Jessica Jebari, explain how building the agency on solid financial foundations gave Clearleft the freedom to support its team and clients.

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Bounce Back Series: How Rhino Recruitment put down solid foundations to emerge from COVID-19 stronger

The construction sector was one of the last to go into lockdown, with some parts of the industry remaining open well after the rest of us were huddled in our homes mastering the art of Zoom.

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How Tech Recruitment Specialist James Chase is building for the future during lockdown: Bounce Back Series

In another Bounce Back article, we chat to Phil Lewis and Matthew Quinn at a recruitment firm in the Brighton region, James Chase, about their plans to emerge from lockdown stronger.

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What if you could create multiple what-if kind of scenarios in seconds?

Planning the future (forecasting) is essential for the longevity of your business, and your financial forecast is the beating heart of your operation. But what happens when the day-to-day running of your business takes up too much of your time for the actual navigation and altering of your pre-existing income statement or operating expenses? This blog is here to show you how our latest release of what-if scenarios has just made your forecasting life even easier.

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How do you measure KPIs to improve business performance?

Every business needs to measure its success. Whether you're using metrics to make improvements, track trends and have something to celebrate, keeping track of your business is essential to your success.

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