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Why do business owners leave their accountants?

1. Accountants not understanding the client business This doesn’t need to be complicated, but there are questions that need asking. How is your forecast looking this year? How did you perform against it last year? Business owners are sometimes let down by their accountant so this is your opportunity to step in and win their […]

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Stop selling to clients, start advising them - Futrli

The core of advisory is the relationship between client and accountant. It’s not about selling. Relationships must be built and maintained for you to really add value and start to advise your clients. Meeting once a year for compliance reasons is a thing of the past.

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Perfecting your client acquisition strategy for your accountancy firm

Expand your books, perfect the ultimate client acquisition strategy for your firm.

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Creating the perfect client retention program for your accountancy firm

Cross-selling, up-selling and providing good service! Create a client retention program for your firm.

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Time is money: a speedy guide to quick time management strategies for accountants

In an industry where time is, quite literally, money, what can you do to save time and increase your productivity?

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Developing your firm’s marketing strategy to position your advisory services

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of accountants embark on their advisory journeys and advance their capabilities. But, it’s not as easy as flipping a switch. How you position your new way of working will impact how open your clients will be to taking up your advisory services.

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