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The ultimate cash flow combo for all Australian SMEs

Marmalade has just launched in Australia and offers the world-first invoice payments platform that empowers businesses to take complete control of their cash flow and get invoices paid instantly. As part of this launch, they are giving every small business that registers with them a FREE annual Futrli Predict licence (worth over $500AUD).

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4 tips for staying ahead with your client’s cash flow

Delivering invaluable insight into your client’s cash flow will help them make better, more informed decisions regarding the health and performance of their business. Here are our 3 tips for staying ahead of client cash flow.

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What is cashflow and why does it matter?

Maintaining a positive cash flow is the number one rule of thumb in business. It’s the net amount of money flowing into and out of your bank account on a daily basis and is crucial to keep healthy. Here’s what it all means. Cashflow forecasting gives you a notable advantage in the market and can help […]

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