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3 ways to give clients a 360° view of their business

Forecasting Cloud-based forecasting shows you under the hood of a company, in real-time. That’s exactly what your clients need to move forward confidently. Each department and area of your business needs constant monitoring. Pulling data in from the cloud means information is accurate.

1. Forecasting

Cloud-based forecasting shows you under the hood of a company, in real-time. That’s exactly what your clients need to move forward confidently. Each department and area of your business needs constant monitoring. Pulling data in from the cloud means information is accurate.

A 3-way cash flow forecast, built using the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, is the best way to predict the future of a business. Taking cash flow forecasting to the next level, tracking forecasting is your secret weapon when it comes to accurately cash flow forecasting and reporting key revenue and cost centers across a business.

Tracked forecasts can be used in dashboards to create accurate snapshots and comparisons, so you can stay in total control and dive deeper into your financial information.


2. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement and the benefits of performance indicators

Your clients know their businesses inside out, but measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you dig even deeper into it. Departmental measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs)  will show you how each part of a business is performing, so you can spot areas that might need nurturing before they get worse.

You’ll be able to manage your clients based on factual data, identifying the gaps in their knowledge. The educational impact of monitoring KPIs such as their business's gross profit margin is a bonus: your clients and their staff are going to learn a lot about their business and accounts. KPIs often provide a ‘lightbulb’ moment, as they’ll see their business into manageable portions, driving change positively.

The real-time data that the process of performance indicators (KPI) measurement provides allows you to steer clients’ trajectories throughout the year. This is a huge benefit, as you’ll be able to identify issues in an organization as they happen – sometimes even before they happen.

KPI measurement

3. Detailed transactional data

Clients need a full, granular view of the transactions going on in their businesses. Seeing this level of detail means they’ll never miss a payment, and all data will apply to your forecast, increasing its accuracy. Invoices synced with cloud accounting packages like Xero, QuickBooks Online, and MYOB are synced, so there’s no extra effort either.

Clients will get a great view of the crucial elements tied to invoicing:

  • Money owed to clients
  • Net cash impact/ income statement
  • Money clients owe
  • Invoices summary table

We’ve also included risk assessments – which run off how on-time/late payments are made – and a dependency factor, which shows how much your business is relying on the invoiced company to pay up.

This gives you a really strong idea of which areas of your business might need nurturing and shows you when the time might come to drum up new business.

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Futrli's February 2024 Release


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