Futrli has been acquired by Sage!

Sage's acquisition of Futrli is part of its continued strategic approach to support accountants from proposal to advisory services.

Futrli is delighted to announced that it has been acquired by Sage.

Today marks a monumental day in Futrli's history, as we are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Sage. 

For nearly a decade, we’ve had a sole focus on helping our small business customers and their advisors to better manage their cash flow, and easily visualise the past, present, and future of their business. To date, we have supported over 100k businesses across the globe and this is now set to scale even further with the support of Sage's amazing reach.

We pride ourselves on leading in the forecasting and advisory space, and with our unique predictive 3-way budgeting and forecasting solution, Sage’s strategy is to create active practice management from proposal to advisory.

Hannah Dawson, Founder & CEO

"We launched in the small business and accounting space 8 years ago – endeavouring to support accountants in practice and their clients to visualise the past, present and future of their business.

By mimicking how a qualified accountant would approach creating a budget, we now provide accountants and their small businesses with an instant and predicted 3-way view of their business from which decisions can now be made, and advice provided.   

The reason we built this solution was based on our own experiences of running businesses – and the lack of support we found to be available. In a past life, I ran a pub in the UK, and know the challenge that forecasting or the lack of it can bring – keeping across money in and money out and managing that accurately makes or breaks small businesses - and nearly did mine.

Futrli helps business owners and their advisors to be in control. The fear of getting it wrong is very real – using Futrli puts their businesses in the driving seat, removing the fear and empowering them to do their best work. 

This next phase for Futrli is incredible and working with Sage is a dream come true. Becoming the advisory pillar of such a well respected and globally recognised brand is a reflection on our customers and my amazing team. We are beyond excited and looking forward  for the next chapter – Futrli by Sage.

To be clear, Futrli is and will remain a market-wide solution – and alongside our new Sage family, we will continue to support and grow this ecosystem and our clients as we always have. 

The Sage team are as excited as us with this acquisition.

Neal Watkins, Executive VP Small Business Sector, Sage

"We are seeing a transformation shift in the way government manage and collect taxes with Making Tax digital 2 through providing small businesses owners the tools to improve their financial health by implementing digital record keeping that automates existing processes providing immediate insights to their current financial position.

This shift in ways of working allows business owners and their accountants to elevate themselves past the old ways of working creating the space to focus on supporting business not only to survive but to thrive in today's economy.

At the heart of every successful business is strong cashflow management and everyday business owners need to navigate new business and economic challenges shifting the focus for small business owners.

Managing cash flow isn’t just for businesses as they head into challenging times   - it’s the bedrock of growth and working with purpose.

And in our opinion, the very best software at achieving this is Futrli.

I am delighted to welcome the Futrli team to the Sage family and look forward to achieving great things together."

Will Farnell, Founder & Director, Farnell Clarke, Co Founder, App Advisory Plus

"Futrli were ahead of their time, they have always been at the forefront of a really competitive market,

the opportunities that they have to further develop the network but also really provide the education that bookkeepers and accountants need to provide real time data that lets Futrli demonstrates to clients what really happening in their business. It's a really exciting time!"

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Futrli News

Futrli has been acquired by Sage!

Sage's acquisition of Futrli is part of its continued strategic approach to support accountants from proposal to advisory services.


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