Futrli Predict - Why it'll change how you run your business

Cash flow forecasting software only gives you part of your business's picture. That's why we've built Futrli Predict. Now you have a future view of your entire business to make your best decisions in.

Hannah Dawson

What's prediction software and why is it better than a cash flow forecast?

Having to rely on your gut or out of date, and bitty information to make decisions about every aspect of your business’s future, is wrapped up in the “that’s just how business is” rule. 

Well rules are there to be broken, so we’re introducing Futrli Predict. It’s not anything you’ll have experienced before, it’s a new kind of prediction software that understands your unique business, and it's better for you than cash flow forecasting software.

If you think numbers and finances are not your strength, Predict will make you feel differently. It's an accurate picture of your future business and takes no effort from you.  Equally if you are a seasoned finance professional, this product will save you time and drive huge efficiencies in how you create financial models.

Prediction automation creating thousands of forecast transactions

Never more than now, the decisions that always fall to you to make about your business, have got to be the right ones. 

So every day, without having to lift a finger, thousands of accurate calculations about your whole business will be predicted for you. 

The result? Instead of making decisions under duress or with high doses of alka seltzer, you’ll be free to make choices with accurate and up to the minute predicted information at hand. 

It’s going to de-risk and to transform how you work and feel about your business. 

Why cash flow forecasting alone won't help you make the best decisions

Cash and having enough of it is just one area that needs your focus, but your business is also about sales, and spend, and people, and tax, and profit, and customers, and suppliers, and marketing, and ROI, and funding, and products and services. Every one of those things has a reliance or dependency on others, which means, take a wrong turn over here and you’ll get tripped up over there. 

Your business has a unique version of all of those things. Predict understands these nuances so that you make the right choices; giving you your own business “Sat Nav” that takes every one of these unique things into consideration when calculating your predictions. It will even take into consideration the huge curveball of the global Covid crisis in its calculations. Just like having a team of CFOs by your side every day it’ll show you which direction to take, with no effort, on your part. Now is the time to take control. 

This is me taking you through the intro to it. There are more quick vids for you to really get to grips with what Predict can do for you here.

We can help

If you’re interested in discovering more about this, or want to learn more about how you can grow faster with better, instant prediction information.

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