"With FUTRLI we have TRIPLED our profits. I'll never run a business without it again"

Martin Greenhow, Owner of Mojo Bar

"When you compare what FUTRLI is offering against the other apps out there, it’s completely out of the box with pricing. It meets all of our needs."

Rob Churchill, Owner of RawPixel

"Love it. I raised investment using FUTRLI. Lenders still cold call me about cashflow and my answer is...no thanks, everything is under control."

Michael Tyrell, Director of Bea-utiful Design

"FUTRLI has made keeping track of our cash flow and forecasting much more straightforward than ever before."

Ricky Martin, Owner of Skunkworks

Your all-in-one-solution

With one simple price for startups, SMEs and your amazing business

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For Startups

$49.99USD per organisation, per month
For entrepreneurs and start-ups not just dreaming about success, but going for it.

Monitor your business on auto-pilot with Unlimited Alerts. Control your past and future with Unlimited Reports and Forecasts. Collaborate effortlessly with Unlimited Users. And all with our renowned 24/7 online-support.

For Growing Businesses

$49.99USD per organisation, per month
For business that want to focus on accelerating growth, not growing pains.

Accelerate your business growth with Unlimited Reports and Forecasts. Enjoy 24/7 online support. Share and collaborate with Unlimited Users. Monitor your business effortlessly with Unlimited Alerts

For Established Companies

$49.99USD per Organisation, per month
For businesses fed up with ridiculous "we've always done it this way" excuses.

Plan world domination with all your team with Unlimited Forecasts and Users. Enjoy 24/7 online support. Stay abreast of every KPI that matters with Unlimited Alerts. Report on every arm of the business with Unlimited Reports.

50% less expensive... than bankruptcy legal and admin fees

Cheaper than your daily coffee

You won't be locked in like your phone contract

Premium Features

Because no two businesses are the same and we wouldn’t want them to be either

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$7.50USD per child org per org, per month
Consolidate 2 or 100+ entities as fast as you say "I do"

Designed for groups, franchises or anyone managing multiple operations. Create reports and forecasts at a group level, create dashboards for regions, departments or managements and benchmark your success. Don’t stress about eliminations – we’ll take care of that too. Read more.


$1299USD custom setup and then $1.50 per org, per month
Because your brand is more important than ours

This is your business and insights so re-brand our app as your own with whitelabelling. Especially powerful when you’re collaborating with your team or investors, you’ll have your own domain and you can customise charts, alerts and more.

How much is your time worth?

Designed for busy people who understand that inefficiency is expensive


Q: What is an organisation?

This is a single financial entity. If you're a multi site franchise with 3 separate versions of Xero, QuickBooks etc, you'll need a license per entity.

Q: What is a user?

This is a unique log-in for investors, advisors, your team. Users are unlimited because FUTRLI works best when you're collaborating.

Q: Is there a minimum term?

No, you pay for FUTRLI month by month. You can scale up or down and cancel at any time.

Q: What payments do you accept and can I buy now?

Of course, start your trial and then select your plan in your profile area. We accept all credit card payments.

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FUTRLI on pricing

We built FUTRLI because we needed it. We were frustrated with outdated, risk-prone spreadsheets, clunky forecasts, manual updates and the pain of trying to collaborate with our team and shareholders using accurate, up-to-date insights. On top of this, our accountant was nowhere to be seen for 364 days of the year. We knew there must be a better way to run a business where the focus is on looking forwards, not backwards. To achieve that forecasting and business planning software needs to be beautifully simple and completely integrated. You need a platform that will help you work on your business as a team with insights delivered before issues arise or successes go unnoticed.


FUTRLI is financial insurance for your business and an investment in your future. Our own growth has been obsessively planned and managed using FUTRLI – we couldn’t run our business without it. The platform and our pricing have been designed to give you access to enterprise-level software, even on a start-up’s budget. Our goal is to make businesses more profitable by controlling cash flow and accelerating growth. Our strategy is product-led and we’re re-investing in continued innovation and a delightful experience for you.

Hannah & Amy (Founders)

William McClelland, MD of EuroHostels

"It’s robust, reliable software but with fair pricing, everybody’s really happy. When it is good, you have to invest."

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