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Dashboards that actually change your game

Live dashboards for Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB and your budgets, forecasts and non-financials.

Build beautiful, bespoke dashboards either from scratch or from pre-built templates. Create KPIs relevant to your business from your financial, forecast, and non-financial data. And of course share, export and present them easily with clients or your team.

Dashboards shouldn't just be about what's happened...

Past, present and future. You need to see it all to make the best decisions. Dashboards in Futrli Advisor are flexible and customisable.
Easily move and resize cards (reports), change periods and displays and customise with your own KPIs. Boom!

Dashboards for every situation

  • Custom or out of the box

    Build bespoke dashboards focussing on the relevant KPIs for your business with pre-built templates or the limitless possibilities of creating your own reports from scratch in a couple of clicks. No fuss.

  • Hands-free

    All reports and dashboards update automatically with your data from Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB. You can even use Futrli Advisor with an Excel upload from other accounting packages if you need its superior budgeting and forecasting.

Make dashboards your own

  • Compare, track, total, talk

    Choose from a range of different card templates (cards are the reports that sit on your dashboard). There are text, video, report, progress, comparison, tracking, and benchmarking cards, all with infinite possibilities and display options.

  • Need more options?

    All reports, budgets, forecasts and scenarios created in Futrli Advisor can be exported to PDF, Excel or CSV or used as the basis for a Futrli Advisor report (yet another excellent time-saving feature!). Just as you'd expect.

Xero tracking and QuickBooks classes

  • All reports can be tracking filtered

    Create dashboards by filtering custom or template cards by tracking option. Do locations need their own dashboard for actual and target performance?

    Tracking cards benchmark

    Compare and contrast tracking options by choosing a tracking card from the card menu. Benchmark project success or sales team performance.

Get your team involved

  • Present to your team

    Stream to your office TV and view your dashboards in presentation mode, as you talk through and agree on your actions.

  • Share with your team

    Don't want a user to be able to edit a dashboard? Choose view only access, or, if you want to collaborate on the same dashboard share a live version. There's even an option to send a copy which your user can then edit as if it's their own, preserving your original.

Need more detail?

  • Actual, Forecast and Rolling forecast data sets

    Integrate actual performance from your accounts package look at pure forecast data or visualise the impact on the business going forward by using a combination of the two. It's a one stop shop for your past, present and future business.

  • Formula KPIs for any data

    There are out of the box formulas, as well as the option to craft your own. You can refer to previous periods in formulas as well as choose to use the transactional version of the data (think daily bank transactions), or the cumulative version of the data (think bank balances). Refer to existing formulas within a formula, and even use imported non-financial data.

How do you want to view your business?

  • Flexible Chart options

    There are so many charts and graphs available to you as well as the flexibility of choosing a table only, chart only or combination of the two.

  • Column formulas

    Tables can be enhanced further (we've tried to cover everything you'll need!) with additional column formulas calculating period totals, averages and multiple variance types.




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