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Accountant-level accuracy. Client-level controls.

Predict's approach is new, it is the very latest in forecasting technology and is a result of years of R&D into the shortcomings and strengths of previous cash flow forecasting software. It is designed for the mass small business market and requires no training or project management to roll out in your firm.
why prediction tech?

What's a 5-way and why?

Predict is the latest in forecasting technology, instantly creating a 3-year entire business forecast by combining all due invoices/bills, predictions across the P&L with the balance sheet to generate an accurate cash flow forecast.

Daily micro adjustments tweak the predicted business performance across the profit & loss based on what is actually happening.

Your clients will know exactly where they are heading and you will be able to advise them accurately on how to manage it.

  • Due invoices & bills
  • Sales, spend and profit trends
  • Tax, debt and affordability
  • Predicted cash flow
  • Daily micro adjustments
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Why your clients need more than cash flow software

Simple cash flow forecasts based on the net balance of invoices/bills are too limiting for most clients.

Visibility over the predicted activity in a business' profit & loss and balance sheet means you can deliver accurate and valued operational performance advice.

After all, cash flow is just the output. Predict gives you the ability to affect the input and add immediate (and ongoing) value to your clients.

Additional assumptions can be added to the profit & loss and balance sheet and the live Google Sheets import for payroll modeling, loan amortization, invoice financing, and non-financial data drivers make even complex forecasting, easy.  Predict can be used with confidence for its automated,  accurate 3-year Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement export.

The technology you need is now here.

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Futrli is more than just software.

Our ACA-led Futrli Advice team can help with advisory training, mentoring or even outsourcing if you haven't got the resource in-house.

The team is here to support you and your staff as they transition into advisory, instilling confidence and ability at all levels.

CASH FLOW DEEP DIVE:Sales and spend is analyzed

Sounds obvious, but raw sales and spend are the starting point to any accurate cash flow forecast.

Predict makes this easy by instantly generating predictions across the sales, costs of sales and expense accounts. It automatically analyzes every single historical transaction in each account line to understanding customer behaviours, trends, seasonality, COVID anomalies, cash impact & more.

Each prediction and the logic behind is explained simply.

  • Every invoice analyzed
  • Every bill analyzed
  • Every cash transaction
  • Every journal recorded
  • Daily adjustments based on actuals
  • Sales tax calculated
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Cash flow DEEPDIVE #2:Payments are analyzed

Some customers pay on time, some don't. Some pay by cash, some by invoice, some in payment plans.

Predict analyses each customer to create a live prediction for their future payments so you know their impact on the business.

Any outstanding or due invoices/bills are automatically brought into Predict from Xero or QBO every day. These can be easily managed for short term cash management.

Change the payments date and exclude aged debt in the dedicated invoices section. The balance sheet and cash flow predictions will update immediately.

  • Change invoice due dates
  • Update bill payment dates
  • Remove aged debt
  • Split payment of invoices
  • Reconcile your bank recs.
  • Instantly sync to Xero/QBO
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Cash flow DEEP DIVE #3:Due invoices and bills for short-term cash flow

If you see the cash impact of changing the payment dates of bills that are owed, or invoices that are due, you can help your clients to get control, change arrangements and stay afloat.

And, as a bonus, you've got an incredible view over customers that need chasing. This alone is what cash flow forecasting software delivers. In Predict, it's just one area.

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Cash flow DEEPDIVE #4Sales tax is accurately predicted

Every prediction has the most accurate sales tax calculations possible. And on top of that there is a live prediction of the next payment or if a refund is due.

Predict forecasts at a transactional level, meaning we can accurately predict what is coming. Whether they pay cash or accrual or monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually your clients deserve to have this as spot on as it can be.

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Cash flow DEEP DIVE #5
Google Sheets hot-links

  • Client thinking about launching a new service or product?

    Accurately predict sales ramp, costs, expenses and revenue

    Expanding their team?

    Easy PAYE forecasting including all benefits & hiring costs

    Launching a marketing campaign?

    Model conversion rates, PPC spend across all social platforms

    Want to expand into further sites or offices?

    Add rates, fees, expenses and revenue lines instantly

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Cash flow DEEPDIVE #6Add to predictions with your own ideas about the future

Cash flow DEEP DIVE #7Complex journals are automated

Predict looks for journals in your client's accounting data and creates future journals for each of them, automatically.

Let Predict do all of the heavy lifting so you can spend your time helping clients with your financial knowledge, not data preparation.

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"That's just the way business is"
Help your clients to know there is a better way to work.

Predict cash

Improve short term cash flow? Track cash in and out? Expand your business? Get funding or investment? Want peace of mind you can afford your debts?

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Predict sales

Sales trends for every account? Insight over your customers habits? Prepare for seasonality? Get on top of bad payers? Hire at the right time?

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Predict it all

Due bills impact on cash? Best time to pay? Understand your margins? Track profit? Predict VAT or GST? Pay yourself more? Sell your business?

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